Travel tips for Poland tour with kids

Choosing your travel destination when you are planning to take kids with you might be challenging, because there must be a balance between crazy attractions, safety, good clean standards and relaxation. Poland tour is a great idea, because this country combines all these elements. 

In this article you will find some useful advices and interesting information, both from a tourist and from an organizer point of view. It is quite easy to make a Poland tour with kids on your own, but due to multiple, various attractions and diverse regions, it may be also good to consider a help of Polish Travel Agency.

What is the best place to start  Poland tour with kids?

In Poland there is a handful of international airports. The biggest one is in the capital – Warsaw, which is situated in central part of the country. It is a good idea to land here, because from this point tourists have more or less the same distance to most parts of Poland. 

The second area with larger airports is southern Poland with the cities of Krakow, Wroclaw and Katowice. All these three cities are definitely worth seeing, but the true ‘pearl in the crown’ is Krakow, with its UNESCO listed Main Square, and lots of attractions, such the Wawel Royal Castle or standing next to it Wawel Dragon (which is a great story to discover for your young traveling companions).

The third region where you can land is northern Poland with the airport in Gdansk. This well-known, gorgeous city is situated just by the Baltic Sea. Here, there is an array of different options for sea and sand vacation.

Top places and attractions in central Poland

If  you decide to start in the center of the country – that is great, because there are many things to do, a lot of places to stay and many more to discover here. There is a variety of places to accommodate, from affordable hostels to luxurious, five-star hotels as well numerous cozy restaurants serving tasteful food and local shops.

Warsaw is a very big city itself (about 1.7 million people), connecting a new, fresh big city vibes with the climate of the Old Town and the Royal Castle in its center. The castle itself will be surely a great attraction for your kids who can take part in a guided tour, finding out some facts about Polish history. Furthermore, Warsaw tourists can take a stroll in many parks and places for outdoor activities, such as Lazienki Park (Royal Baths) or Wilanow Palace with its amazing garden. 

One of the best places for families is also newly opened Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. It is a modern, interactive museum the main aim of which is to popularize science. Its visitors learn via play and performing experiments on their own. It takes from 3 to 4 hours to see most of the exhibits, so make sure that you have at least ½ day to spend here because it is surely worth it! Your kids will surely be delighted. 

Also, for young sports lovers National Stadium would be truly a treat. Interestingly, the stadium of considerable size was the main arena for 2012 European Championship in soccer. Outside Warsaw, there are many places to visit as well. If your kids are history and legends lovers, there are great castles to see, like Oporow Castle or Tykocin Castle.

Top places and attractions in southern Poland

Southern part of Poland is rich in interesting places to discover for all kind of tourists. There are many cultural places (over 10 UNESCO listed attractions), large and diverse natural areas for hiking lovers, and many more. The biggest tourist center of South Poland is the royal city of Krakow. There is so much to do in this magical city that you should stay here for at least a few days. If you have problems with deciding on what actually do here, you can always use a helpful hand of one of the Polish Travel Agency, which will surely help you with arranging your plans.

When speaking about Krakow, it is worth mentioning the history and legend connected to the Wawel Castle and Wawel Dragon. Kids love this captivating story about the scary dragon and brave, young shoemaker called Jas Skuba who managed to rescue the city from the beast.

Halfway between Krakow and Katowice, there is Energylandia – an amusement park for the whole families filled with various, impressive attractions including the Ferris wheel, roller coasters etc. 

South of Poland is also well-known for its alluring nature. Probably the most beautiful area are the Tatra Mountains. There are many trails and paths here with varying levels of difficulty, so there are some suitable ones for both smaller children and more experienced hikers. 

Northern part of Poland and the Baltic seaside

Going for North Poland tour with kids is a great idea mostly in summer, but also in other parts of the year. The famous Polish Tricity of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia is a good combination of historic, modern and more industrial styles. Gdansk is the biggest city, Sopot is more chic and trendy with a well-known pier, which takes tourists 500 meters into the coastline. Gdynia is a quite unique place due to its modern history, that can be also presented in many museums as well as its harbor with impressive, moored ships. 

Apart from the Tricity, the whole Polish coast is filled with smaller and bigger tourists centers offering multiple accommodation possibilities. Beaches are sandy and wide, and the water is nice (not too hot, not too cold). Staying at the seaside is always a good idea for holidays with children because they always find the sea itself a great attraction.

Next to the sea and sand attractions, there are many natural forests and lakes nearby. Long walks, bike rides, canoeing – all of these is at your fingertips here. 

All you need is to pack and go 

Making a Poland tour with kids is a great idea all year around. Like it was proven above, there are many attractions for any kind of tourist. Tourist base is well-developed, and what is also important – Poland is considered as one of the safest countries in Europe. Climate is also quite nice as summer is warm, but not the hottest, and winter is quite soft in recent years (though there is still white and snowy in South).

No matter how tourists decide to make their tour – individually, or with the help of Polish Travel Agency, prices are also quite affordable. All that remains is to encourage you to come and welcome you to Poland soon. Should you plan your trip well, your kids will not be bored at all.