Try These Methods for Great Sunlight Control

The initial warm, sunny days of the summer season are incredibly charming and cheerful. Sunrays have healing effects; they instantly lift the mood and perk up any room or space. However, too much sunlight can be tad bit blinding. When talking about interiors, the appropriate amount of the sun must be allowed to enter an area. Sunlight has numerous health benefits; therefore, a correct balance must be maintained between letting light in or keeping it out.

There are a few decorative ways to minimizing the sun exposure of your house, such as hanging vertical blinds, placing shutters, curtains, situating tall furniture items near the windows, etc. However, if you are incredibly particular about controlling your sun exposure, read ahead!

  • Focus on The Building Construction:

The making and design of a building play a significant role in sunlight control. The direction in which the windows and doors are constructed would help prevent excessive sunlight coming into the house.

Sunlight is an effective way of saving energy by providing natural light in the day and keeping your house space warm and cozy. Letting some sun, it would make sure your heating and air-conditioning system are not overburdened. You can judge the amount of sunlight that is allowed to enter your home by the direction of the house in comparison to the sun.

Extra sunlight would enter a house facing the sun. Hence, if you wish to get a house that has exposure to the sun, consider the making of the house. On the other hand, if you are planning to get a home constructed for yourself, then make sure you study the location in detail to know how to get it made in a way that allows sun rays to enter.

  • Window Accessories:

Well, we all know the purpose of windows: letting in air and sun. It is why window accessories are the correct way to take control of sunlight access in your own hands. Giving your windows some shutters will help you control the number of sunrays that enter your house. They are adjustable; hence, you can slightly open them in case you need fewer sun rays to enter. Shutters can come in various styles and designs that can add immensely to your interiors.

Additionally, get heavy draperies or curtains if you are not too fond of the sun. Curtains keep the sun effectively out. For sunnier seasons, make sure to get heavy and thick materials; in colder seasons, light-weight cloth curtains would also be useful.

Blinds are also an excellent method of controlling your sunlight. They prevent excessive sunlight from entering the house; however, allow enough to brighten your home naturally.

  • Number of Windows:

Since windows allow sunlight to pass in, having more windows would ensure more sunlight. The making of windows also matters here. Large windows with open, airy designs would effectively mean more exposure to the sun. Whereas small, tiny windows would restrict sunlight. Consider windows with petite window frames and vast glass spaces. They also look uber chic and would enhance your windows massively. Focusing on windows when decorating your interiors is often ignored. Windows are an excellent tool for making your interiors look pretty and elegant.

Moreover, the placement of the windows matters too. Having the windows in the center of the room or space would mean that maximum sunshine is allowed in whereas placing them in the corners or high-up on the wall would mean sunrays hit spots uselessly. Ensuring both the placement and the quantity of the windows inside a house is an excellent way to control sunlight.

  • Place Tall Plants Near the Windows:

Plants need sun rays to thrive. It is their source of food and a necessity for living. Greenery will also give your house a calming, soothing atmosphere. It has a direct impact on your nerves by destressing and relaxing them. Plants also have significant health benefits. They clean the atmosphere of toxins and purify the air we breathe. They also increase the oxygen content in the air.

One other way that adequate sunlight can be provided is by placing tall plants in front of the windows. It will also make sure that too much sunlight does not come to your house. The plants would filter the sunshine out and reduce its intensity before it enters your space. You can also move the plants effortlessly, which means in days when you feel the need for more sunshine, slightly move the plants to let some in! Plants are a great way to control sunlight, along with providing numerous health benefits.

  • Add Glass Doors:

Opening up your inner space is the correct way to let in more light. Consider adding tall glass doors wherever possible. Getting your front door made in a glass will ensure that more sunlight comes into your house. Get the glass door frosted, which would provide privacy and would allow more light to enter. You can get frosted doors for pantries, closets, etc. as well. It would open the interiors and provide you with more sunlight.

Additionally, consider getting sliding glass doors that open on the patio. You can slide them open in sunny weather to let in some fresh air and sun. It would also enhance the outlook of your house since spacious, airy interiors look stylish and trendy.

  • Glass Tiles for Kitchen and Washroom:

If you are fond of the summer rays, then get some glass tiles for your kitchen and washroom. Glass tiles are highly reflective. They reflect the light instead of absorbing them. They also look great and are an option if you do not like to add mirrors to open up space. Excessively glossy ceramic tiles may also do the work for you.

  • Windows on The Roof!

Have you ever heard about skylights? If no, then let us tell you, skylights are a fantastic technique to let in some natural light. Skylights are windows for the roof. The sun shines right on the ceiling. It is the area where sun rays have the most potential of flashing. Therefore, getting a skylight would allow you to experience the sun without any hindrance.

Glazed skylights are also likely to provide more consistent sunlight since they are less expected to be covered by outdoor objects.


Soaking in the sun has countless health benefits. The summer season brings with it warm air and a whole lot of sunshine. Letting sunlight enter your house can give your space a more chirpy, cheerful look. It also provides a way to save you money by slowing down the consumption of electricity by your HVAC system.

However, excessive sunshine can also be blinding. It can disrupt your everyday tasks and overheat your house. You must adopt methods that allow you to take control of the sunlight, let inside your home. Focus on a few interior décor techniques and tricks to have the needed regulation of the sun.