Turn Up the Volume With Juvederm

Looking young is more than just having smooth skin, no wrinkles, or grey hair. Youthfulness and vigor make themselves known in a variety of ways that we humans are able to pick up on subconsciously.

Getting older is a reality, both fortunate and unfortunate, that absolutely each and every single one of us is forced to experience. Some people accept it with pride and a sense of confidence; others are not as welcoming and open-minded. But for those who don’t want to see the signs of aging or simply want to keep their youthfulness for a little while longer, there’s always Juvederm filler in  NYC clinics’ most popular dermal filler with plenty of action all across the world as well.

But the big question is how it actually works and what it improves.

More Than Smooth Skin

As stated previously, looking young isn’t just about getting rid of wrinkles and saggy skin. There are many differences between a young face and an old one. Aside from the tightness of the skin, its hue, the smoothness, there’s also a thing called “volume” which is a huge benefactor towards keeping the face looking young.

It’s hard to understand what volume is without a bit of visualization since it’s a little more subtle than wrinkles and sunspots. If you ever look at a typical young face, regardless of gender, race, or any other factor, there is a certain basic structure that all of them seem to duplicate. Looking closely, you’ll see a distinct V shape, where the two arms start with the cheekbones, follow a straight line down your jaw and meet at the chin.

It may not always be a perfect V shape, but it’s generally something like it. This is caused by the tightness of your skin allowing it to firmly grasp these smooth edges and angles, giving your face contour and shape. But with age, as the skin begins to sag, these edges get lost under flabbiness and never return, causing the face to look tired and sunken.

Dermal Fillers Come to the Rescue

Dermal fillers are the most efficient at restoring volume. The special filler compound inside of the injection is inserted into key areas of the face, where it then lifts up the skin, tightening it and causing it to smooth itself out.

There are tons of variants of Juvederm alone, as dermal fillers are known to be a very versatile tool in the cosmetic treatment roster. They can smooth and tighten skin, restore volume, puff up the lips, and even give your skin a more energized hue and overall look. This is why so many clinics are choosing to work with dermal fillers, seeing as how they’re so versatile.

When Juvederm is injected into key locations of the face, it lifts up the skin and puffs it up, tightening it around the aforementioned key angles and contours. You can see an immediate difference after the procedure is finished, as it involves nothing more than a few well-placed and coordinated injections of the compound that act as a mesh that lifts up the surface of your skin.

As a result of it just being an injection-based procedure, all you have to worry about is that you don’t have any allergies to it. The Juvederm compound was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) many years ago and is considered to be a completely safe form of cosmetic treatment thanks to many years of developing the key components of the compound responsible for its safety.

With Better Volume Comes So Much More

Unlike many other treatments, as well as other brands of dermal fillers, with Juvederm, recovery is super easy and the amazing results of increased volume become visible super fast.

Since the procedure is only injectable, the only thing you have to worry about is the very minor side effects, which may or may not cause a little discomfort once in a while. Most clients report swelling, redness, and itchiness as a few general side effects after the treatment, but nothing that’ll ruin your day for good. And even then, these are very easy to treat with personal skincare products which you probably already have at home.

But even if you don’t bother taking the time to ease the side effects, you can be assured that they’ll go away within the first week following the treatment. The longest they last are up to 10 days, which when compared to other kinds of cosmetic treatments, is basically nothing, especially with the super light side effects.

And within these 10 days, you’ll also see a major difference in the volume of your face. The skin will have become much smoother and tighter; those areas that we talked about before, like cheekbones and jawline, will be more noticeable, almost like they were specifically highlighted. No more saggy skin below the jaw and chin, as it hugs your face tightly as if it were young again.

These are the kinds of results you can expect within the first couple of weeks of getting Juvederm. And while it may take a maximum of 2 full weeks for the compound to completely settle in its final position, you can still see a major difference in the vibrancy of your skin.

And best of all, Juvederm isn’t hard to find. All over NYC, more and more clinics are opening up with special treatment plans that fit a wide range of economic backgrounds and give more opportunities to people of a broad financial status to get treated.

One of these clinics is Skinly Aesthetics and their Juvederm NYC treatment plan, offered at a more than reasonable price and performed by more than highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals, but Ivy League trained masters of their craft who know all the nooks and crannies of the industry. This is why it may be your best choice for Juvederm in NYC.