Turn Wax into E-Juice

Getting the best quality THC extract consistently at every purchase is not at all a piece of cake. A marijuana fanatic can quickly nod upon this. Very often, considering their profit, manufacturers compromise on the value of cannabinoids you purchase. In addition to this, affordability characteristic flashes itself urging you to rethink the thought of buying marijuana products. Besides, purchasing these products is risky if your state doesn’t allow selling any marijuana product. 

So, what should a marijuana enthusiast do as a solution for this? Participating in the ongoing trend that is storming the weed markets, you can learn howthc e juice and produce the actual vapor. There is no need to carry pipes, papers, or lighters around. In fact, you can make THC vape juice from home

First Method to Turn Wax into E-Juice

With this quick method, you can easily convert your shatter, wax, or crumble into an e-Liquid. The e-juice produced will work as a capable vape juice in any setup.

This method ends in just 60 seconds. The pros are that a more favorable end product is obtained in less time. Yet the potential is a bit limited.  

Supply Required

  • Concentrate (shatter, wax or crumble) – half a gram
  • A shot glass
  • Metal dab tool (or paperclip)
  • EJ Mix 
  • Syringe (to fill cartridges)



Step 1- Pour half a gram of concentrate into a shot glass. You can also use a glass mixing vessel though shot glass works best.

Step 2- Add about 35 drops or 1 ml of EJ Mix to the Mixing vessel. EJ Mix is the liquidizer which provides the necessary liquid environment. 

Step 3- Microwave for 10 seconds.

Step 4- Dissolve all the pieces of wax stirring continuously. If your oil has chunky or sappy consistency, it would only take about 30 seconds to dissolve completely. In contrast, dissolving crumble and sugar wax may take up to a few minutes. 

Step 5- Dispense the needle. Extract the infused vape liquid using a syringe and blunt tip.

Step 6- Fill the vape liquid into a disposable cartridge designed for thick oils. 

Step 7- Let the oil seep into the coils of the cartridge for about 15 minutes. 

How much wax can produce 3 g of e juice?

It depends on how strong you desire it to be. You can take a ratio of 1g wax: 1ml EJ Mix. That is strong to the point that one hit or two hits are enough for marijuana devotees. You can also perform other test batches as high as 1g wax: 3ml EJ Mix. But that is sometimes far too weak for those who have a habit of intense taste. 

If this is your first time, we suggest you start with a low ratio, and when it is completed, pull out 1ml of the mixture into a tank. Then dilute it more (there should be 2g:2ml) with another 2ml, so that you have 2g:4ml. Then get another 1ml tank. Now, if you want, dilute it further as required.

This way, you will have one tank of super strong stuff, one (or more) of medium intensity and some weaker ones. You can now test them out and see what ratio you prefer. 

Second Method to Turn Wax into E-Juice 

This technique can turn a large batch of wax into e-juice. Farm to Vape is the main ingredient used in this method. The following procedure uses 28 grams of concentrate. But the amount can be changed as per the requirement. 

Supply Required

  • Graduated glass beakers
  • Glass stirring rod
  • Digital hotplate
  • Unbleached coffee filter
  • Scale

Step 1- (For 28 grams of concentrate) Fill 90 ml of Farm to Vape in a graduated glass beaker.

Step 2- Add concentrate to this (28 grams)

Step 3- Blend the wax with Farm to Vape heating it on a digital hot plate set to 60℃. Keep for 20-25 minutes, stirring occasionally. If you want to use a magnetic stirrer, use it only towards the end of the process. It may mess things up if used in the beginning.

Step 4- As it blends thoroughly, let it cool for 3-4 hours at room temperature. 

Step 5- Using a rubber band, attach a coffee filter to another glass beaker and pour the mix at room temp through the filter. This way, you can get a very consistent mix.

Filtering the mix, cellulose waxes and lipids can be trapped. The cannabinoids get placed in the solution. Hence, potency is not lost. This process of dripping will take several hours, though.