Turning Your Sitting Room Into A Sunroom

Sunrooms are an excellent addition to any home. Sunrooms are especially beneficial for those living in cold climates, as they provide a sun-filled area where you can escape the winter chill. Sunroom ideas come in all shapes and sizes, from large open spaces that allow natural light to fill your entire house or smaller ones that only take up part of a wall. When considering sunroom design options, there is no right answer; each person will have their special vision for what they want their sunspace to be like. Here are some things you might consider:

Do you want it to function primarily as a sitting room? Would you rather use it as an office space? Do you prefer enclosed walls or open ones?

Here are a few Sunroom ideas you may want to consider for your sunroom.

Garden Pavillion Style Sunroom

This sunroom has a patio-like feel with an arched doorway. This sunroom looks like it was built against two existing house walls, but instead of being directly attached to the home, a small pathway leads to an arched doorway. The design opens up into multiple sections that are covered by sunrooms on either side. The sunroom includes a sitting area, dining table and chairs, and an arched doorway that serves as the entrance to this sunroom.

Poolside Sun Room

This sunroom adds a wonderful open space to the home while also creating a beautiful view of the house. This sunroom is attached to the side of the house but still provides a feeling of openness because it is encased in windows on most sides. The sunroom also has an open wall where you can look out at the pool and garden area for this home. This sunroom could be used as both a sun-filled dining area or as an office space.

Country House Sunroom

This sunroom has a stunning rustic look, complete with wooden beams and stone floors. This sunroom has a small seating area and includes a large table for eating or playing games–or even as a workspace. Tall windows surround this sunroom, except for the side that is attached directly to the house. This sunroom has an open wall covered with a sun-powered trellis–a great way to add both style and function to your sunroom.

Modern Sunroom

This sunroom idea provides a sleek modern look by being built with metal beams. This sunroom is attached directly to the house, but most walls are made of large windows. This sunroom includes a sitting area with built-in benches, but the main part of the sunroom is an open space that looks out to the garden and patio spaces. The sunroom also has an open wall that lets you look inside at the overall sunspace design.

Wintery Lake Tahoe Retreat

This sunroom provides a natural view from the sun-filled room. This sunroom has a rustic look, including wooden beams and stone floors, but is also filled with light from the many windows. The sunroom includes a dining area with an attached seating area, as well as built-in benches along the open wall–a great sunroom addition for you sun-loving winter guests.

Final Thoughts

Sunrooms are a great way to add sunlight to your home. Whether you want a sunroom that feels like an enclosed garden or one with views of the outside world–there are so many options! We hope this article has given you some different sunroom design ideas for how to create the perfect sunroom space in your own home.