Saturday, December 3 , 2022

Unbelievable Animal Friendships: Snake & the Hamster become roommates

Snake & the Hamster

The difference between animals and humans are very distinct. One aspect is living in harmony instead of killing one another. Powerful kills the powerless. Often the weaker become the pray. Energies transfers and the killer survive for few more days. Does it always happen that way? Like humans killing one another adding shame to mankind, what if animals decide to become more humanlike? Forget all these theories of differentiation and let’s be friends the snake says…

Hamsters, like most rodents, are the meal of choice for many snakes. So much so, in fact, that escaped snakes have been caught in hamster cages because their freshly gained hamster-shaped belly lump prevented them from slithering back out between the bars. Snakes are so intoxicated by the mere thought of sweet hamster cutlets that they will happily ignore their surroundings and neglect their personal freedom just to fill their bellies.

Aochan is a Japanese rat snake held at a Tokyo zoo. As the name suggests, these particular snakes are even more prone to rodent-related shenanigans than most. In that capacity, they are used by some farmers as a form of pest control because, hey, not everyone is a cat person. So it was a bit of a surprise when Aochan flat out refused to eat the frozen mice commonly fed to captive snakes. The zoo staff scratched their heads at this surprising turn of events, until one of them had a revelation: Of course, the snake wants fresh meat!

So they took a female dwarf hamster, dropped her into Aochan’s cage and waited for nature to take its course. But instead of the usual panicked squeak-gulp-burp course of events, the hamster was totally cool with the yard-long hamster-eating snake whose home it had been dropped into. It padded straight to Aochan, who watched with interest. Then it climbed onto his back, curled happily into a ball and went to sleep.