Understand Coronavirus Disease and Its Coverage In Health insurance policy

At different times, the World has had pretty bad experiences from disease outbreaks like Zika, Mers, Ebola, Nipah, and now Coronavirus. We have witnessed people die as a result, but none of these diseases has taken with it as many fatalities as Coronavirus. With that in mind, let us discuss what the Dubai Health Insurance has in store during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronaviruses (CoV) are a combination of a broad group of viruses that attack the human body’s immunity. This causes diseases that range from the common cold, cough, headache, and a very high severe fever. Also, severe disorders like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome(Mers-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV), are signs of Coronavirus.


Lately, there is a new strain known as Novel Coronavirus that has been discovered in humans. The particular virus was among the nineteen but was unidentified. 

COVID-19 is the disease spread by the above viruses, which is now the latest outbreak, and headache to the World. The disease has taken not only so many lives but also threatened human existence. There is no known cure even with so much research by the best doctors in the World, not even a reliable glimpse of hope. 

Prevention against the Coronavirus

There is no promise of a cure on the horizon and scientists working round the clock to come up with one. People have to follow in the effort to curve down the spread of COVID-19. Below is a list of the best preventive measures:

 1. Frequent washing of hands 

Some people have asked, if water and soap can kill this virus, then why is it so difficult to find a cure? We may not have the answer, but as long as it curves down the spread of COVID-19, keep washing your hands. If you are not washing, then use the alcohol-based sanitizers to stay clean and kill the virus. 


 2. Keep Social distance

Don’t go close to anyone or make contact with coughing, sneezing people with a fever or other flu-like symptoms. When in public places, wear gloves and avoid touching anything anyhow! If you are using public transport, sit a meter away from your neighbor.

 3. Don’t touch your nose, eyes, and mouth. 

When you are outside, you may unconsciously touch many things that may have the virus or other microorganisms. It is common to touch your nose, eyes, and mouth, which can quickly spread the deadly virus from contaminated hands.

4. Wear a facial mask

A facial mask will help you maintain respiratory hygiene for the people around you and yourself. Always sneeze into a handkerchief or cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze.

5.Seek Medical Help at the right time

If you experience shortness of breath, flu-like symptoms, a severe fever, seek medical advice. When the virus is tested early enough, it can be contained and probably flashed out with remedies. 

Dubai Health Insurance 

Many offices are now closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The big question is, Does your insurance cover coronavirus? Most health insurance companies cover diseases caused by viruses that require hospitalization. Dubai Health Insurance offices are operating to allow employers to make payments and renew their policies.

Since COVID-19 is and cannot be covered under pre-existing diseases, it will be covered under the base policy. Every patient will receive all covers, including tests and diagnosis, in-patient treatment, pre, and post-hospitalization. Now, if you do not have a health insurance policy, it is the perfect time to be part of the Dubai Health Insurance.

In Dubai, most offices are closed thanks to the pandemic, but employees need to renew their mandatory health insurance. Do not allow your cover to lapse and assume. The CEO of Dubai Health Insurance(DHIC), Saleh Al Hashemi, urges stakeholders not to neglect the health insurance scheme. Saleh was stressing the health insurance Law No. 11 of 2013. 

Pay Policy Premiums

“We fully recognize the challenges organizations, sectors, and communities are facing, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, basic employee needs must be observed, like mandatory health insurance. Thus, employers or sponsors must continue to fulfill their obligation, to issue or renew a policy,” Al Hashemi said.

Saleh stressed that health insurance to patients is critical for them to get treatment in government, private hospitals, and health centers. When businesses and companies meet their minimum insurance criteria, the health insurance will not be burdened.

The Dubai Health Insurance boss observed that these were unprecedented times for humanity, but overcame the global challenge. Al Hasheem further said that people should survive but still keep their responsibilities in mind. Testing for the Coronavirus may soon be available to masses because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have now expanded testing guidelines, including private lab testing.


As one of the most experienced and independent health insurance companies in the Middle East, Dubai Health Insurance provides policies for individuals, families, travelers, or groups. Stay safe and follow the above instructions to curve down the virus as well as keep others safe. Also, follow your doctor’s advice given to you by medics and stay updated about the virus.