Monday, September 26 , 2022

Understanding Life, Karma & Death with Tsem Rinpoche

Tsem Rinpoche

In this short video we will learn how our consciousness leaves the physical body at the point of death and what we could do to help our loved ones at this time of transition. Easy to understand, instructive and compassionate, this brief teaching by Tsem Rinpoche will offer you a positive understanding of our own immigration and temporary departure.


At the time of death, if you keep a calm, pleasant and good state of mind focusing on the Three Jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha, or your guru or any  of the Dharma teachings, and if you are focused and remained detached, then the Dharma seed will sprout and you will take on a good rebirth immediately. That does not mean you do not have any bad seeds. If you take a bad rebirth, it does not mean that you do not have good seeds. It means that at that very moment, the moment of truth, the particular seed that you have collected will sprout.

Right now you are all filled with karmic imprints or karmic seeds. When and how they sprout is determined on what mental activity you focus on. If you focus on negative activities, negative things or harmful things, harmful seeds will sprout. Similarly, if you have a good flowerbed, whatever flower you plant or cultivate will grow better. So if you cultivate and you work on your good or positive seeds, your positive seeds will arise. While you are working on your positive seeds, the negative seeds that you accrued in your previous lives and in this life are slowly eradicated by purification practices. As a result, you will gain some kind of success or some mind of temporal or transitory happiness (if we may label it happiness). However, if you gain it, it does not necessarily mean that you are doing well. What is means is that in your storage or bank of karma, the good seeds are being used up and only the bad seeds will remain.

If a true Dharma practitioner, one who really practices Dharma, has more sufferings, more problems and more heartaches, it is a very good sign. This means that the karma for them to suffer in a deeper or harsher environment is being exhausted. You should realize that you are purifying your negative karma now, and by the blessings of the Three Jewels and the gurus and your purification practices, you are suffering your negative karma now and therefore you will not have to suffer for it in the future.

Taken from The Living Buddha Within by Tsem Rinpoche

(Available in print on Amazon and and as ebook on Google Play & Playstore. Your kind support goes to Kechara, a non-profit Buddhist organization founded by Tsem Rinpoche to spread the Buddha-Dharma and to be of service to the world.)

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