Unhealthy Body Symptoms Revealed

It all may start just a simple desire to lose weight or to elevate a fitness level with healthy understanding, that You need to do something with the situation you are facing. Whether it’s dropping some weight, toning the body or changing the size of your favorite attire…

That’s how often story unfolds… However, that’s the top of the iceberg. Why? Just because it’s a SYMPTOM… Not the Real Problem! Once we go further and get more clarity our vision changes and the angle shifts…

In one of our previous posts we have shared a story of Maha and how did we help her to overcome her fitness challenge within 3 sessions. Below we want to share most common symptoms of unhealthy body and one of the main causes.

Well, if you find any similarities do not panic – we have the map of professional troubleshooting. Or if you just want to get better overall well-being and physique let’s do it by this click

Mostly people are unaware of next symptoms and what they trigger. Thus, they either approach on the last stages or when everything seems hopeless. Yet, it’s not as challenging as it appears after our thorough analyzes and examination.

Here are the symptoms:

Midsection weight, weakness, depression, fatigue, insomnia, difficulties getting up from bed in the morning, need for mid-afternoon naps, cravings for sweets, chocolate and salt, nervousness, frequent feelings of stress and low tolerance to stress, inability to go long without hunger, no satisfaction after a meal, irritability and anxiety, high blood pressure, liver fat, fluid retention, frequent urination at night, PCOS(Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). 

If you spot any of the above, one of the main causes is Insulin ResistanceWhat is Insulin Resistance?

It’s pre diabetic situation where the body cells are rejecting insulin or blocking it. The cells send low insulin, so they will trigger the pancreas to make a lot more – four to five times more. As a result, insulin is lower in some places(cells, brain, muscles, blood and etc.)

Yet higher in other places in the body. It’s very similar to talking to some with earplugs, who doesn’t hear you until you start shouting. The feedback circuitry of insulin “doesn’t hear” the insulin, so a signal is sent back to the pancreas telling it to make more.

What spikes insulin?

Sugar and hidden sugars, large amounts of protein eaten in the meal, combining protein with the sugar, MSG and hidden MSG(Modified food starch), frequent meal(snacks), stress(cortisol), the insulin drug (when you are diabetic). Yes, we know, it feels overwhelming and it might seem hard. However, when you are truly supported and thoroughly educated by well-experienced professionals, the light is not at the end of the tunnel, it’s way closer.

According to the scientific researches Insulin heals within 1 to 6 weeks. Once our body understands, that it’s in a healthy state it goes back to the basic and healthy functioning.

P.S We witness hundreds of amazing transformations and endless positive vibes. Looking forward to yours!  

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