Wednesday, September 28 , 2022

Unpaid internships: pros and cons

Your academic profile counts on a lot of things. The hiring company would not be just checking your grades. Things are very much different when it comes to making professional portfolios.

It is a global age the companies you might be thinking to get a job in, have got a lot of options from  across the world. Small and local companies might have less competition but getting a higher post in an international organization will be a hard nut to crack.

You will need a very impressive academic and professional profile. In order to get a higher post they will require a very experienced person, but thee question is how would you get a job when you have not got any experience. You can visit various organizations or get some internships through your internet, students prefer having internships abroad such as internships in Singapore.

Here is the solution, you will need to work either on a very low rate or as an unpaid intern. This might sound hard. Like every other thing you will have to be a very concerned about the advantages and disadvantages of the internship aspect.

In this article I have highlighted some pros and cons of the unpaid internships specifically. Many think that unpaid internships are entirely useless and waste of time as you would not be getting a single penny out of it, it is juts a fear of not getting paid which keeps you a bay.

In real life when we talk about experience we do not consider money, the hiring companies will not check if you had a paid or unpaid internship, they just want to know how well can you work and how well do you know the work.

Pros of unpaid internship


When you opt for an unpaid internship, you are genuinely getting a very relaxed feeling about your carrier and experience. It holds a better future for you, when you will pass out and start looking of a job the companies would prefer you.


You will be with a lot of experience by the time you leave your high school or college. You will be able to understand your job well. Every aspect and dynamics about how things are working at an individual level will help you understand and ultimately you can be the king of your work.

Understanding your interests

When you seek out for an unpaid internship you are purely looking to understand your job. Your dream carrier is right in front of you and your utter desire at that  time will only be getting a know how.

If unfortunately you feel uncomfortable in job which you have thought will suit you, you can change your priorities without losing any time.

Cons of Unpaid Internship


Of course, you will be going to a certain place, you must be paying some bucks for the travelling. Then you will not be getting a free lunch every time.

You will be asked to dress properly. All these strains can make you give up. Which you should not. In case you can not afford it and it is nearly impossible for you to keep up with the job then you can have various other options such as paid internships.  Which might be a difficult road to walk full of competition.


You will be expending your precious time for going to that office, then you will have to manage it. your life will feel like a burden and the constant feeling of not giving anything back at that time will be a torcher.

It will not Help Much for Beating the Competitors

According to surveys companies have equal interest in students who did not opted for internships and those who did. This is not true for every region and company but it is a general survey from an NGO.


The only thing you must make sure while starting your unpaid internship is the organization its reputation. Either it is going or give you a recognition certificate or not.

Consult some seniors, for instance your teachers, senior students and passed out graduates of your college. Most of the times we go with the flow, you have to figure out if you are really going to have this subject as your profession or not. Many times we just spend our times because our friends were doing the same thing. Make sure you are not wasting your time.