US Army Patches Are A Family Tradition

It’s easy to notice that there are some of the soldiers that are sharing tradition in serving their country. Through generations, fathers gave their patches to their sons as a gift that makes a special bond between them. Son, who is caring father’s patch, is so proud of his actions that by the time he also wishes to become a soldier.

Sons often try to emulate their fathers; they try to act like them, speak like them, and work like them because the father is a huge figure in his son’s eyes, a perfect hero. In that way, we can meet people that have a long history of their family members serving their country proudly.

It is a beautiful thing to teach a son or a daughter to be brave, unstoppable, persistent, characterful, and, most importantly, proud to be a citizen of his country.

Family Tradition in Making Patches

First patches didn’t look like those today; they had different looks and ways of making. Not having embroidery machines at that time make people make it by hand. Lovely wives made patches for their husbands with a lot of love. They used material and thread and spent hours to make one.

Those patches were unique and special, their meaning to the family was big, and they tried as much as possible to save them as a proud memory. So in that way, US army patches were passing generations and generations over time. 

When a man sees the collection of patches that use to belong to his father, grandfather, and the father of his grandfather, he instantly feels proud and wishes to be like them. Of course, genes that they are sharing affect the character of the person, so that they all together feel the aspiration in their blood to serve their country.

How to Save Old Patches?

If you have some old patches in your collection, it is a very important thing to store them properly so that it can last longer and be passed to the next generation. 

Some patches are kept in the family for a long time, and those patches have big sentimental value. The best way to save US army patches is to find a nice small album for photos. I know that it sounds funny, but the great thing about albums is that they have transparent plastic that keeps photos safe and in one peace. Place your patches in the album, one by one, and it will be nice and organized. Also, you can keep in those album photos of your relatives who were in the military.

Growing Up as a Military Kid

Parents who are soldiers are passing that lifestyle to their kids, and it’s a great chance for them to become soldiers too. When you grew up in a home where one parent is a soldier, you learn a lot of things. Firstly you learn how to behave; it means you learn to be neat, precise, and responsible for your actions. Soldier parents are teaching their kids that skipping their obligations will not affect just them but also other people. 

When you are raised in that way, you are halfway to becoming a soldier yourself. Kids don’t get only material things from their parents; they get an upbringing and a certain way of living that will set the foundations for their life. Those are the basics of their next progress.


It’s nice when a family has memorable stories and things that, when looking at them, bring beautiful memories. US army patches are a family tradition for many Americans who proudly keep everything that reminds of selfless service to the country.