Use of LED panels in offices and other task spaces.

LED panel lights are contemporary lights that may be used to replace fluorescent light fixtures in indoor environments, such as offices. They’re new to the market, but they’re quickly displacing traditional light fixtures. LED panel lights are cutting-edge and extremely professional. They are the greatest choice for lighting solutions because of their small and sleek design profile.

These lights come in sizes ranging from 2 to 8 feet and even larger, making them ideal for use in businesses, restaurants, and hospitals. Their recent success is due to their design features that are specifically intended to supply all types of lighting needs in such a way that they have now established themselves as the most compatible, efficient, and economical lighting technology on the market.

Structure of LED panel 


The guide plate houses LEDs on its surface. It is made up of optical material to enhance the effective spread of light. 


LEDs are arranged on the guide plate where they reflect off of the surface of another plate which divert light outwards. 


The diffuser works with the guide plate to create soft, glare free light which can be distributed throughout the surface of the panel in a uniform manner. 


The frame at the back of the panel houses the guide plate and adds finishing to the fixture. It is made up of aluminum, a durable metal which makes the fixture resistant to many considerably damaging factors. 

It also serves as the housing and is IP rated against water and dust. The frame is like the backbone of the fixture. 

Benefits of LED panel lights

They are customizable

Because of their streamlined characteristics and the placement of LEDs on the guide plate, these panels are available in a variety of sizes and customising options. This allows them to be carved into any form or size, and it makes them extremely efficient because they can be utilised in places where other fixtures are nearly difficult to install.  

Resistant to breakage and corrosion

The acrylic used in the panels is corrosion and shatter resistant. They are resistant to a number of environmental variables on the surface. It allows for a homogeneous distribution of light across and along the panel’s edges.

This makes them ideal for usage in regions where environmental conditions have a clear impact on the fixture’s life and where maintenance is a major issue. LED eliminates the need for frequent maintenance, resulting in lower long-term expenditures and savings. As a result, this is a very helpful element for office spaces.

Installation options 

Aside from being very customisable, LED panels can be mounted in a variety of ways. You can browse through a range of LED panels by various suppliers here

They allow for four alternative types of installation.


Panels can directly recess into the ceiling, mostly compatible with shallow ceiling 


LED panels have brackets at the back of the fixture which allow them to suspend from ceilings through pendants or chains in high ceiling areas. 

Flush Mounted

Panel lights can be practically mounted on any surface and can be used for backlighting, down lighting, and accent lighting. 


Built- in panels can be installed while construction. Mostly suited for new spaces. 

Higher lumen output 

LED panel lights have a higher lumen output than any other light fixture. Moreover their design features enhance the spread of lighting across open spaces. They consume a little fraction of energy and produce a good amount of light which is customisable for depth and ambiance. 

Directional lighting 

The design of any panel light fixture is seamless and slim. It produces light across the surface of the panel regardless of the length. The edges are customisable to provide accent lighting and create a diffusing light pattern which also reduces glare so it is efficient for task spaces. 


LED panel lights are a seamless, modern lighting option for large commercial and office environments. They offer various advantages because these panel lights are created with their intended use in mind, and because they are LED-integrated, they have longer life spans as compared to their typical use of up to 8 or 12 hours. They may be altered to match the environment and complement the interior design; which is quite a practical approach. These panels can be utilised for both general and strobe lights. 

Instant start up is one of the main features of LED lighting technology. Because of the high CRI index and adjustable colour temperature, there is no flickering or other disruption, and the lighting shade and tones may be modified. The majority of LED panels include a dimming feature.