Useful Promotional Printing Ideas to Make Your Identity Stand Out

If you are thinking about investing in a printing franchise, then one aspect to really consider is the demand there will be for your products and services.  Try to imagine how potential customers would see how promotional printing can improve their business.  For instance, the following are ten promotional printing ideas that businesses can use to stand out from their competitors:


– Simple signs that can be placed into the ground can be greatly effective at drawing the attention of potential customers. For instance, if an owner’s storefront is located in a strip mall that has a large parking lot dividing it from the main road, a yard sign out near the entrance from the main road can indicate to people driving by of the store’s location. And also, yard signs are essential for certain businesses because of the nature of their business as well—such as real estate agents or people that are running for government positions.


– Banners have high capacity to draw immediate attention.  Banners are also a means for businesses to advertise the opening of their store (such as with grand opening banners), but they can serve many other purposes as well. For example, businesses who want to show support for local schools or sports teams can create sponsored banners to display at stadiums or in auditoriums.


– Given the popularity of today`s email marketing, there are fewer companies that are directly mailing out brochures and flyers. However, brochures and flyers can still be highly effective. This is a very real fact for certain types of businesses. For instance, a restaurant could send out a brochure that includes the hours, phone number and address of the restaurant as well as its menu, giving customers the opportunity to order delivery or takeout, or to arrange reservations using the brochure.


Postcards are great at notifying previous customers about certain events, such as a special weekend sale. Since postcards don`t need envelopes, it is much less likely that they will just be placed in a pile of junk mail. They really do stand out when a person flips through their mail.


– Branded letterheads and envelopes do reflect on the professionalism aspect of a business. For instance, a law firm would use a branded letterhead and envelope to send a letter to an important client to show that they really care about every detail of their business.


– There are many local businesses who could persuade their customers to buy branded t-shirts from them. Or these businesses could offer free branded t-shirts as incentives for choosing to purchase their service. For instance, many gyms use branded t-shirts to give out or sell to people who register for memberships.


– Any business that uses their own company cars, such as restaurants that deliver or local services that are carried out at the location of the customers` (such as plumbing services, HVAC services, landscaping services and others) will want to advertise their business on their company car as they drive around town. Large and bold car graphics are one of the best ways in making your business stand out.


– Building signs are absolutely essential for every business. A good building sign will help make it easy for customers to locate your store. It is also great at making the store stand out to passing traffic, whether it’s potential customers who are on foot or driving by. By drawing attention to the storefront, business owners will be able to reveal their brand to a greater audience and draw in more customers.


– Window decals are an excellent idea for businesses that have storefront windows. Although building signs are quite successful in serving the purpose of identifying the business, there are many stores located in areas such as strip malls, where customers may walk straight by the store without seeing the building sign above them. In such instances, window decals are a perfect solution to indicate to potential customers of what they are passing. Window decals can also be used on a temporary basis to advertise such matters as special sales and promotions within the store.


–  Custom Metal Bookmarks are great because they can be used in a lot of different contexts.  For instance, they are popular giveaways at trade shows, conferences, special events, and much more.  They are also quite commonly found in a wide range of industries such as libraries, churches, colleges, and many more.  One huge advantage is that since they are indestructible, your business will be forever advertised.  A large selection of custom metal bookmarks is available for your advertising needs.

These are just some promotional printing ideas that business owners could benefit from. As you can see, promotional printing is something that every business is going to need in order to effectively market their brand and store location. It’s one of the main reasons why there will always be a demand for promotional printing services, which is also why you should strongly consider owning a printing franchise.