It has been years since the inception of digital media marketing, but its multiple facets continue to amaze people. Digital media marketing is the most vital and versatile aspect of the marketing and sales business. No brand can survive in today’s scenario without a thoroughly formulated digital marketing strategy. 

This necessity has led to a boom in the creative media agency sector. Many specialized digital marketing agencies have sprung up globally to grow businesses’ customer base and brand value. These agencies offer a horde of creative media solutions that are tailor-made for their products to any brand.

These media solutions are primarily visual because this is the most influential medium that impacts an audience. The most popular method used by them is video production. Video production comprises many stages; Pre-production, Production, and Post Production. 

Media agencies provide complete production services from start to finish. Today, these agencies have further diversified to cater to specific digital media marketing platforms, and their strategies and solutions. 

A primary niche in this diversification of content agencies is those offering animation and graphic services for marketing purposes. The animated explainer video company specializes in creating narrative or non-narrative video content with graphics and animations for their clients. 


Animation developed in leaps and bounds over the last few decades. Today, the animation medium is limitless with versatility for content types. It is a notably useful tool in marketing brands. 

The goal of any marketing strategy, digital or otherwise, is to gain as much attention on digital platforms as possible and grow their clients’ customer base. They use animated or computer-generated graphic content with visual effects to achieve this. 

The multitude assortment of characters and mascots for brands, which are well-known even today, reflects the success of animated video content. Animation offers considerable room for creativity without limits while still satisfying the client’s needs. 

Animated videos easily attract people’s attention effortlessly. Their content lends itself to any digital or media platform, ranging from social media platforms to television and theatre advertisements. Broadcasting options for animated videos are varied, as they can be displayed on any visual medium. 

Animated videos also help in deeper retention of their messages in the minds of people. This impact of animated content is what makes the animated explainer video company a niche yet powerful agency.


Before delving into the different services an animated explainer video company can offer, it is essential to understand what an explainer video is, and how it works. 

An explainer video expounds on the different aspects and features of a message or subject of the content. These videos explain the various details of a product, brand, service, and any other subject-matter, desired by the client. 

An animated explainer video does the same, by using animation. The tremendous effect animated content can produce, is because animated content by itself is intriguing and compelling. Even after so many years, animated content has not lost its novelty.

An explainer video doesn’t just list out bullet points and elaborate them, like a presentation, though it can if that is what the client wants. An explainer video uses creative tactics that subtly deliver the message. 

The main tactic used in these videos is narrative techniques; storytelling. By using interesting and relatable characters, a fascinating storyline, and eye-catching animation, these videos use the oldest technique in the book to persuade and convince an audience. 

Substantial research has gone into the effects of storytelling, proving its efficacy; this is the reasoning behind moral stories, a tool used even today. With the combination of captivating narrative techniques, impressive graphics, and reliable digital marketing strategies, any company can elevate its brand image and its products.


Companies that offer explainer video services, also provide other animation solutions. The explainer video is only the first step to grow a business. These videos explain the brand, its features, visions, values, and of course, its products. 

Brands can post these videos on their websites, social media platforms, and wherever else they have a digital presence. The explainer video is conducive to establishing the brand image or introducing a new product. 

But animation videos do not only explain features but also can change people’s perception of them. Companies or brands that want to create a positive image can also use animated explainer videos. These videos can elaborate on the company’s values and beliefs. 

This video can even take the form of a PSA that shows the social responsibility of the brand. A successful PSA brand video makes people attribute positive traits to a brand and its products.

Animated explainer videos can use cartoons or infographics, or even an amalgamation of media types to broadcast a message. These videos use complex methods to disseminate concepts with simplicity; this is the brilliance of an animation video. 

The video portrays the full extent of the message while being brief, entertaining, and uncomplicated. A successful animation video maximizes the potential of animation and delivers innovative yet simple content.