Utilize the Beautiful and Practical Film Locations in Thailand

Many producers around the world dream of filming a project on some of the beautiful and tropical film locations in Thailand. With lots of deserted beaches, lush jungles and verdant rice paddies just waiting to serve as film backdrops, Thailand is the ultimate destination for many film and video producers.

But these producers would be selling themselves short if they didn’t recognize that Thailand can save them time and money by utilizing the entire film infrastructure of the country as well.

There are lots of modern sound stages and backlots located in and around Bangkok that foreign producers are using for interior and exterior film locations in Thailand. These sound stages and backlots can arrange for all the other necessary elements for film and video production as well.

Elements of a Film Location

There is a lot of work that must be done and elements to be considered in turning a soundproof space or vacant backlot into an active film location in Thailand. But the owners of the sound stages and backlots around Bangkok and other parts of the country are well-equipped to provide all of these elements.

The first order of business is to construct the film sets and backdrops that will represent the setting of your script. Thailand has a literal army of qualified people who can provide set design, construction, and dressing to any location described in your script.

They also can provide costumes, hair, and makeup to your cast, as well as all the camera, sound, and lighting equipment needed on a working film set.

Consider Multiple Shooting Location

While many producers may have a beach or a jungle in mind as a film location in Thailand, by broadening your horizons and looking at the whole of Thailand’s film infrastructure, a film producer can save themselves a lot of time and money.

Thailand offers lower production costs than many countries around the world. They also offer excellent facilities and equipment along with talented people both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. By planning to shoot your interiors as well as your exteriors at a film location in Thailand, you can speed up your production while saving money in your production costs.

With all the post-production facilities available in Bangkok as well, you can complete every aspect of your project at a much lower cost than you may have budgeted in planning. You’ll bring your project in on-time and under-budget.

Benefits of Shooting in Thailand

There are many benefits to shooting your project in Thailand. Still, the presence of a well-developed film infrastructure along with skilled and talented, English-speaking people is often the deciding factor.

But low production costs, stunning locations, excellent co-production companies and the genuine warmth of the Thai people are definitely considerations as well.

Collectively, these all have been the deciding factors for producers and directors such as Martin Scorcese, Danny Boyle, Oliver Stone, Roger Spottiswoode, David Lean, Stanley Kubrick and Brain De Palma among a host of others.