Visit Awe-Striking Places And Experience Contagious Smile In Cambodia

Life goes much beyond your comfortable nutshell. Break this nutshell and see the real world through the mode of travel. It encourages you to introspect the inner self and contribute to the growth of personality and helps in discovering the better you. It won’t be wrong if we compare the relationship of travel to the soul as the relationship of food to the body. Have you heard about water blessing, the world’s oldest religious structure, floating village, the sacred swords? Cambodia has everything to offer from the mystical mysteries of beautiful culture to hardcore religious beliefs. So mark your travel journey with this beautiful country.

Today we are going to provide you a virtual tour guide to visit the nation of culture and beauty to maximize your fun in the Cambodia tour package. With this, you will get the complete details of places to visit and other important aspects to keep in mind while traveling to this country.

Places to visit during your holidays to Cambodia:

1.   Sihanoukville

Are you ready to lose your heart to this serene beauty of the white beaches in Sihanoukville? If you are looking for a place to party hard or some peace and silence, then Sihanoukville covers both the needs. Its crystal clear water and a beautiful view will soak your soul with the delightful experience of life. Boost the adventurous lovers inside you with scuba diving and snorkeling. Don’t forget to taste the local cuisine when in Sihanoukville.

2.   Bokor National Park

20 km away from Kampot, the place has got untouched beauty of nature and inspiring Bokor mountains. Your first stop to the national park is the 27-meter tall statue of Lok Yeay Mau located at the 1075 meter height. After grasping the amazing view of the statue, the Popokvil waterfall is waiting for you. The top view of the waterful will leave you stunned. Now, after enjoying the fearless water view, comes the next Bokor Hill Station. Famously known as French relaxation place during Holidays. The former center of attraction, Casino, it’s still here.

3.   Floating Village

Yes, its floating village only, no typo error. So before you imagine how is this possible even, let us tell you that it is possible as the houses of these villages are built on bamboo stilts. Here, everything is sold on the boat from vegetables, daily needs to other required items. Out of three floating villages, the most popular one is Chong Khneas. Villager’s beautiful yet simple lifestyle will amaze you. Imagine how fantastic the experience would be to visit the house of a neighbor by boat. Don’t forget to experience it’s mesmerizing sunset view to add more beauty in your Cambodia experience.

4.   Siem Reap

Siem Reap is a gateway to visit Angkor Temple. The city french styled home and cozy shops will give your eyes a break from the city styled houses. Angkor Temple is a symbol of religious faith that will mesmerize you with its architectural designs and beauty. Other than this, the city of Siem got amazing ranch horse farm, landmine museum, Wat Preah Prom Rath, and of course, irresistible cooking lessons.

5.   Koh Kong

Koh Kong is heaven for adventurous spirits. Here, you can indulge in various activities like hiking, trekking, while your partner can enjoy the beauty of calm and quiet beaches. Known for the best beaches in SouthAsia, Koh Kong also offers a never-ending party places and tempting food to satiate after-party hunger.

6.   Recharge with meditation

Sign up in the Vagabond to give a break from the hustle-bustle of life. Here, the incredible and experienced teachers will help you with the meditation and yoga lessons. No need to worry about accommodation and meal facilities as they are available here. Come and give a pause to speedy life for a few hours to rewire the brain and life together.

Money-saving tips for the Cambodia holiday

  1. A drink can put a hole in the pocket- Watch your drink as they are charged in dollars. Raise your budget slightly high if you drink a lot. Sometimes, drinks can cost you more than accommodation and food.
  2. Book Tour- It is advisable to book the Cambodia holiday package to see the corner of this beautiful country. Unplanned trips can result in more expenses compared to a planned one. You can hire the services of an expert travel partner to get experience the real beauty of this tour.
  3. Try Street Food- Indulge in some real taste of the country and as an add-on save your valuable money. Even street hawkers never compromise on giving the authentic taste of the country.
  4. Bargaining pays in the long run even while traveling- Want to save money? Make the best use of bargaining skills and buy things at the local price.

Go and Board Cambodia Flight

It is the right time for you to create fresh memories by indulging in the awe-striking places. Our virtual tour to an end here but we hope and wish to make the best memories of your Cambodia Holidays. The picturesque beauty of mountains, temples, and beaches will steal a portion of your heart forever. It’s time to capture the beauty of this paradise in your memories forever.