Ways to keep a steady business as COVID-19 rages on

We continue to move indoors in an attempt to hinder COVID-19 from totally consuming us. Despite our current circumstances, many businesses are still hopeful and are continuing to sustain themselves by being creative, branching out by doing Domain Lookup to acquire new web channels, and embracing remote capabilities.

If your business is not included in businesses that were forced to shut down, there are several strategies you can use to start being creative, add new services, or connect with your customers in new ways. 

Here are a couple of ways you can do to keep your business(es) steady during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consider changing your business hours. Grocery stores usually stay open with the risk of getting crowded. Many stores have started reserving certain hours for customers who have a riskier chance of contracting the virus. Altering hours means customers can get more room to practice social distancing while shopping their necessities. 

Utilize delivery and to-go strategies. Many businesses, restaurants, and delivery services are now making use of “touchless” strategies for to-go and delivery orders to keep providing goods and services to customers safely. 

For instance, bookstores have closed their store to browsers but is now utilizing curbside pickup options and free delivery to keep their business rolling – of course, this requires a virtual storefront or a website, or take social channels to take orders and assist with rider deliveries.

Offer your services online. Even non-delivery services are staying relevant and afloat by being creative. For instance, you can continue offering online classes to students right at your home – whether you’re teaching arts, languages, or Zumba.

Livestream classes are now a growing trend due to the new normal, with restaurants also joining in. Bakeries are also doing live streaming from their own business, as well as partnering with local establishments – it’s a great time to be collaborative. 

This active sense of community through the creation of joint ventures and new delivery options wasn’t previously available, but teaming up with other businesses that are struggling is a wise idea while being a noble way of joining forces to come up with new ways to serve customers.

Think outside the box to stay relevant. If you’re a business with the opportunity to create new products that can assist customers in this uncertain time, then do it. Many distilleries, for instance, have done their part in mending the hand sanitizer shortage by brewing their alcohol.

For retail stores, this can mean revamping the existing offers to cater to those working from home, including comfy clothes or toys to keep both children and even pets happy during work hours. If you have a restaurant, you can offer “freezer-friendly” meals like casseroles and soups that families can enjoy for later dates. 

Thriving in the new world we’re in can be challenging for many businesses, especially small ones. If you’re a startup keen on establishing your business as soon as we get a semblance of normalcy after the COVID-19 pandemic, then you need to perform a DOMAIN LOOKUP as one of the first steps to secure your digital presence. You can use this time to plan your branding and marketing with your team. Remember, we WILL get past this. Once we do, you need to be ready.