Eco-Friendly Environment

Ways to Promote an Eco-Friendly Environment


Eco-Friendly EnvironmentPromoting an Eco-friendly environment was never easy because we have eased into lifestyles that are damaging our environment. However, Greta Thunberg just flipped the coin for all of us trying to make this world worth living. A kid has shown to us that we can not only promote an eco-friendly environment but also live 100 pc eco-friendly. Here are some ways which will not only change your own lives for the better but also promote an eco-friendly environment.

        1. Save Energy

The first thing that you can easily do is switch off the lights or any electric appliance if it is not in use. A lot of times the television stays on even when no one is watching it. So, turn it off. Many times, we use an appliance and leave the plug on. If all of us can take care of these little things, not only will we be saving energy but also decreasing our utility bills. If you are conscious about it, your family members and friends would start noticing and will learn it from you. 

        2. Buy appliances that save more energy

With the awareness regarding climate change, brands are also more aware and trying to put out their efforts to help save the earth. We should not remain unaware of this fact. Instead, next time we need a new appliance, opt for energy-efficient machines. You will also see a decrease in your utility bills with this move. Moreover, it is a great way to show that you care for the universe and so should everyone around you. 

        3. Go completely eco-friendly while shopping

This will change the game for you and your family members. By doing eco-friendly shopping consciously, you will realize that the whole market is filled with stuff harmful to the earth. So, if you want to break that toxic cycle, you have to buy less or buy only the necessary things. The good thing is that you can also buy eco-friendly products. They are everywhere but you have to look closely for them. This will also help you go cheap on grocery shopping and reduce midnight visits to Walmart. 

        4. Do not waste food 

One of the greatest ways to not waste food is to not buy a lot of food just on impulse. Make a list of what you are going to be eating for the next week. Then, go and do your grocery. Also, if you like cooking, do not cook an ample amount of food. Cook many dishes if you want but cook in small quantities, so that you and your family can finish the food before it gets stale. Also, if that has happened, learn to compost the food by yourself instead of throwing it out. This way, you will be doing a huge favor to mother earth. 

        5. Grow trees

You can grow more of the trees in your garden or backyard. If there is no space for that, you can join the non-profit organizations as a volunteer and grow trees in your community along with a team. This will not only make the air around you fresh but also promote a healthy eco-friendly environment. 

Growing trees is a deed that goes a long way. It is okay if you cannot go out of the way to volunteer to grow trees. You can always donate to the organizations which promote an eco-friendly environment. 

It does not matter how you are choosing to help the environment as far as you are doing something. Moreover, you can look up the benefits of growing as many trees as possible because the need for more greenery cannot be emphasized enough. 

        6. Do not use plastic 

Another most important way to promote an eco-friendly environment is by going plastic-free. You will be amazed at how much you use plastic once you start cutting out on it.

Everything that you have ever bought has come in plastic. You eat in plastic dishes. You are basically breathing plastic. All the snacks that you eat, all the clothes you wear, all your dishes, all your makeup, and essential toiletries: it is all plastic. So, the first step is to cut out on one-use plastic. Once that is out of your life, you can opt for the products which are packed in glass or biodegradable plastic. 

Another important thing is to go completely free of plastic bags and start using cloth bags. Remember that there are myriad benefits of cutting on plastic.

        7. Use public transport

Drive less. Instead, try to wake up early for the office and take public transport and do the same on your way back home. You will not only be benefitting the earth but also saving money on gas and parking tickets. In fact, this is a lifestyle change that will make your life more open and social. This will let you out of your comfort zone and see what lies beyond your house and office. 

Also, if you aim to drive less for the sake of the environment, you will see that you will start avoiding driving to marts, restaurants, parties a little less which will also impact your life. 

         8. Grow your own garden

Growing your own garden is the most fun thing you can do to promote an eco-friendly environment. Plants are naturally healing, so even if you are not into growing plants, you will end up loving this activity anyways. All you have to do is start with basic knowledge of growing a small garden by yourself. You will need a few tools to start with, and then you will be good to go. This way, you will be able to eat 100% natural and eco-friendly vegetables. This will also help you reduce meat intake in your food. It is a healthy life choice which will not only help your environment but also your body and mind. 


It is essential to promote an eco-friendly environment in these times because the climate is changing fast. Everyone has to put his share to save the earth, which continues to die a little every day. So, let’s hope and make an effort for a better and safer climate tomorrow.