Ways To Secure Your Home In The Event Of A Crisis

During the crisis event, it can bring out the best in most people willing to lend a hand to the needy one. However, there are also some who tend to use this opportunity to do bad things. So whenever a crisis strikes, it is essential that one is prepared for it, including not only securing food and other essentials but also securing your home, especially against burglars and looters. 

One of the best ways of securing your beloved home is by making layers of protection. If burglars and looters want to break into your home, they’ll do everything to barge in. But our goal here is to make your home less desirable and make it a tough target for those kinds of people. Furthermore, before your precious belongings, it is your family, you should be protecting first during the time of crisis. Below we have listed some essential steps on how to fortify your home against the forces of both man and nature.

Appearance Makes a Difference

Make sure to take some time and look around outside your home then ask yourself with the following.

  • Does your home look like it contains highly valuable stuff from the outside?
  • Are your vehicles looking expensive? Are they parked in the driveway? Are your garage doors always open?
  • Are there any valuable toys in your front yard for everyone to see?
  • Does your home have a fence? Or do you need to install one from Fence Fast?

Furthermore, while having a nice house that stands from rest might be awesome, sometimes it is also best to just blend and stay as invisible as possible, especially during the time of crisis. Instead of making your home look beautiful, you should also make it look secure as well but not in the way of making it look like a fortress. Your objective is to make the appearance safe enough to deter burglars and looters but ordinary enough to stay out of the radar.

Security Lighting

It is also recommended that your house shouldn’t look secure only during the day but also during the night as well. Burglars avoid bright lights and take advantage of the dark or shadows so they can conceal themselves effectively.

To prevent burglars from entering your home in the night, install exterior lighting that will illuminate your landscape as well as your doors and windows. You might also want to add some motion-sensitive security lighting and place them in strategic locations to scare unwanted visitors away. Moreover, you also invest in motion sensor nightlights and install them inside your home. Aside from silently alerting you about an intruder, these lights also help you easily walk through dark hallways at night.

Security alarms

Security alarms are another excellent deterrent that can effectively discourage either thieves, burglars, and looters from entering your home. It can even alert your neighbors when the alarm goes off, indicating that your house was breached. This is very useful, especially if you are currently not in your home, either doing your groceries or on vacation. Furthermore, some advanced security systems even automatically alert local law enforcement so you wouldn’t have to worry about making an emergency phone call.

Security Cameras

Motion-activated security cameras are also an excellent tool to keep track of intruders. You can even link all of the security cameras on your smartphone for easier access and monitoring. These cameras are actually inexpensive and can be easily installed by yourself. With these cameras visible from the outside of your home, they’ll be enough to deter any intruder.


While having a dog in the house can be a great addition in the family, choose not only the ones that are lovable and cute but also add some dog with a deep and threatening bark. Dogs will not only alert you whenever they see someone they are not familiar with and, at the same time, scare them off a little.

Physical Barriers

Physical barriers from Fence Fast are designed to prevent intruders from having easy access to your home or property. While installing physical barriers can still be breached; however, they make it more difficult to access your home and even encourage unwanted people to select an easier target.

Keep your doors and windows secured.

While this should be a no-brainer, most homeowners still often neglect this necessary type of security. Keeping your doors and windows always locked is your first line of defense against intruders. So it is essential to teach or train all your family members to always lock all the entry points in the house, especially during the night. Furthermore, avoid hiding your keys under the doormat, or above the door frame, or under the flower pot because more likely, these people may already know that trick.

Final Thought and Contributor Credits

Your home is considered your most valuable asset since it can protect you both from harsh weather and dangerous people. So it is essential to create layers of protection like those we have mentioned above.

Author: Axle Boris

Bio: Axle Boris the founder and President of FenceFast Ltd grew up on a cattle ranch in British Columbia’s Northern Interior. After having spent several summers working for his father custom fencing as a youth years later in 1998 he started AB Custom Fencing in the BC interior. Being impressed with how electric fences consistently kept out a wide variety of animals and were a cost-effective option for customers; Axle became a dealer for Gallagher Animal Management in 2000. Since then AB Custom Fencing has become an industry leader specializing in Livestock, Wildlife, Bear, and Predator Management permanent and portable fence structures.