Weird and wonderful smart home tech

The convenience and efficiency that smart tech can bring to your life is downright amazing. The use of intelligent devices will not only streamline your life, but will also enable you to do so in a way that will help the environment. We’ve put together some of the coolest smart home tech and gadgets to make your life easier! 

Get a better night’s sleep with Awair

We all know the crucial importance of getting a good night’s sleep. One of the best ways of achieving that is to make sure your environment is conducive to sound sleep. First of all, you want to get rid of distractions like light and noise, but then you also want to address the very important aspect of air quality.

The Awair smart device will eliminate chemicals and toxins from the air to promote healthful sleep. It even analyzes the air in your bedroom and will give you a daily assessment of how this affects your sleep.

Take your home entertainment to the next level

Home automation in South Africa has recently been taken to a new level by SoundXperience. Imagine having your very own customized home cinema – where you can experience the best that cinema has to offer – in conditions that the most discerning film director would applaud! SoundXperience will design you a fully automated home cinema with state of the art lighting, superbly comfortable cinema chairs, and the best in soft furnishings and customized cabinetry. And all of this enhanced by the very latest in sound quality, screens and 4K and HD projectors.


Take some of the hassle out of housework 

One of the most onerous of household chores is window cleaning. It is not only hard work, but can be really dangerous, perched precariously on a ladder, juggling various window-washing paraphernalia! But, if you enlist the smart assistance of the Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner – this aspect of your house maintenance is about to be made vastly easier.

The clever little beast comes equipped with washable microfiber pads with which it will effectively remove all dirt and stains from the glass. It also comes with a remote control so you can direct all its movements! 

Help you dazzle in the kitchen

Being able to remotely control your oven seemed like a pipe dream not that long ago, didn’t it? But with KitchenAid’s new smart oven, that is exactly what you can do. You can check whether you’ve switched it off as you’re dashing off for an appointment, or you can start preheating it while caught in traffic that would normally make dinner very late. 

But there is much more to this clever oven – it comes equipped with a series of attachments that plug into a powered hub. So your normal oven can also become a steamer, a baking stone or an indoor grill, all effortlessly controlled from your smartphone as it is fully compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.   

          Put a smile on any gardener’s face

Mowing the lawn is one of the most unremitting and relentless tasks that a gardener is faced with – it always has to be done, and then done again, and again… But the Husqvarna Automower will lighten the overworked gardener’s burden wonderfully in this regard.

It works very much like a robotic vacuum cleaner. You can program it and set the cutting height, and then leave it to its own devices. It will mow for 45 minutes, and then take itself back to its dock to recharge. It will find its way around obstacles, and because it needs a PIN code to activate it, there is no worry that small children might switch it on.

          Do your bit for the environment

Heating or cooling our homes is notoriously costly in money and energy terms. Spaces without occupants are maintained as if they are occupied, thus using unnecessary resources. But with the Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat controlling the temperature settings in your home, this can change dramatically. The device will not only read the temperature in a room, but will also detect if the room is occupied and adjust accordingly.

With sensors placed strategically around the house, warm and cool spots are automatically detected and adjustments made to save energy. With an app on your smartphone, you can set the desired temperature remotely. It will also tell you how much energy you have used during the month. And get this – because it ‘speaks’ to Alexa, you can even ask it to switch on some music or even find you a recipe before you get home!