Sunday, October 2 , 2022

Welcome to the English version of Dhammainfo

We are very pleased to inform you that, from today we have started the journey of the English version of Dhammainfo in test basis which was our future plan.

Now there are many books, journals, magazines along with some online English version Buddhism sites where the information of Buddhism is scattered here and there. But till now in this modern era there was no dedicated online Buddhist site in Bengali. Dhammainfo is the first ever Buddhism website which gives the readers and writers the platform of reading and writing independently and to discuss and sharing Buddhist religious knowledge among all in Bengali language and for this reason the slogan of the site is “Ideal Information Centre of Buddhism”.

Dhammainfo started its journey from the lack of detail information of various aspects of Tripitaka (moments prior the second  Buddhist summit).  In that view, Dhammainfo come forward with detail history, tradition, culture and religious laws of Buddhism from its start to end.

In its founding time there was no plan to introduce “News Section”. But for the demand of time this section introduced later. But still our main goal is to reach and uphold the history and tradition of Buddhism in front of young generation and overall people of all stage.

Besides this we also aiming for funding cash money for helping out in publishing the Holy Tripitaka, construction and repair work of old historical Buddhist monasteries, making the Buddhist youths independent by giving the practical computing  with religious knowledge and  extending helping hand to poor people of the community.

Dhammainfo will try its level best to spread Buddhism for the welfare of mankind.

Anybody can write to Dhammainfo in its “Writer’s Column” section by abiding the terms and conditions of Dhammainfo.

But it is mandatory that the writer must submit his/her article to his e-mail address –