Thursday, October 6 , 2022

How Well You Know Yourself?


Love and respect are give and take feelings. Both works perfectly when it’s shared mutually. Respect is earned by respecting others and being an example. Love is received when you start loving others and not when you hate. There is nothing more lovable than myself in all directions. In the same way, for other people, they themselves are most lovable. Therefore, never treat others in a way that you yourself would find hurtful.

All beings fear violence; all fear death. If you take yourself as the measure, do not kill and do not let others kill. All beings fear violence; all love life. If you take yourself as the measure, do not kill and do not let others kill. Buddhism is the religion that centers the Enlightenment Experience that the Buddha achieved through his deep meditation. To know who you are and what you are is essential in any form of Buddhism. Instead of looking outside, the Buddha emphasizes looking inside of ourselves. Once one realizes the importance of himself or herself, one should be able to understand the importance of others.

There is a concept called “Buddha-nature” (Buddhata or Tathagata-garbha). It means that all sentient beings have the possibility or potentiality to be awakened and to become Buddha. Many times Buddha-nature is clouded by blind passions. Truly realizing one’s Buddha-nature leads to the realization of the Buddha-nature of others. Do not reflect upon missteps of others, their deeds and misdeeds, but rather look upon what you yourself have done and left undone.

“Knowing yourself” has two aspects. One is the aspect the enlightened quality of Buddha-nature, and the other is the aspect of deluded existence caused by blind passions. To know you mean to realize what selfish and ill-willed beings each of us is. We can see clearly in the Constitution the importance of harmony, and trying to avoid violence. How can this harmony be achieved? It is the teachings of the Buddha which can provide guidance.

The awareness of ordinary beings, who don’t know what the true reality is all about and are deluded by their blind passions. When we are attached to one view, we tend to become just, right, sage or/and wise, and consider others as unjust, wrong, evil or/and foolish. Human beings ultimately do not know what is just and what is right. Therefore, it is very important to attain enlightenment so that we can see things as they are. It is equally important for us to realize what we see is not necessarily ultimate truth, just, right etc. Recognition of foolishness and ordinariness is very important wisdom that we should have within us.

Let us control ourselves and not be resentful when others disagree with us, for all men have hearts and each heart has its own leanings. The right of others is our wrong, and our right is their wrong. We are not unquestionably sages, nor are they unquestionably fools. Both of us are simply ordinary men. How can anyone lay down a rule by which to distinguish right from wrong?

So get to know yourself and learn how you would treat yourself in hard times. Get to know your emotions and your feelings towards everything happen on a daily basis in our life. Remember, more you get to know yourself more you will know how others feel for themselves. Let’s respect individuality and treat everyone like you treat yourself.

Above articles by Prince Shotoku published in Himalaya craft fan page are an example of profound wisdom that based on the Buddhist teachings.