What are Bump Helmets?

Bump helmets are the top of the line when it comes to shock protection. Although they don’t have anti-ballistic capabilities like standard army helmets, they are also much lighter and easier to manage. For either military training or civilian sports activities, they are a good choice for head protection.

Aside from the very low weight, the main advantage of a bump helmet is its design. Because it was made to familiarize future soldiers to how helmets work, they have several utility features that can’t be found on other helmets.

Generally, there are three things a bump helmet needs to have:

  1. Excellent shock and pierce protection
  2. Light and equally distributed weight
  3. Good utility capabilities

Additionally, there is the advantage that this design offers complete protection to the back of the head, which is not present in regular sports helmets.  This means that nasty falls that would otherwise end in a concussion only inflict a few scrapes with this helmet on.

Easy on the Neck

The reason why most armies around the world use bump helmets for training is because they are so light and well balanced. Models like the CBH™ Carbon Bump Helmet from UARM even copy the exact design used for military high cut helmets and takes the advantages from the balance.

This type of weight distribution means that there is very little pressure on the neck, lowering the chance to injure your disks when falling or other sudden twists and trauma.

Finally, these helmets can have a lamp, camera, or some other feature installed in the front without significantly affecting this balance. This feature alone will make the bump helmet superior to most sports helmets.

Shock and Pierce Protection

When it comes to protection, tactical bump helmets only fall short of fully-fledged ballistic army helmets. Using both the design and materials, they can protect from some serious hits to any part of the head in any direction.

The helmet works because of its spherical shape and internal support. This design dissipates the force impact to the entire helmet, trying to miss the wearer completely. Such an idea is taken from nothing else but our skull design that does the same to our brain.

Additionally, novel plastics and carbon fiber are used to transfer the force in the same way when it comes to pointy things hitting your head. The sharp item will be logged in the top layer of the helmet, protecting both your brain, your face, and the people around you.

Padded and Adjustable

The best thing about bump helmets is that they are universal. Because of the internal pads that are made both for added protection and easier ventilation, bump helmets can be worn by virtually anybody, and equally as comfortable.

Those trying them on for the first time should take the time to adjust the pads so that they fit their head and hair perfectly. This way they will have both the maximum comfort and the maximum protection.