What Are the Best Planner Apps for College Students?

Today, there are many useful programs that will promptly remind you of important meetings and scheduled activities. These services are called electronic diaries, or planner apps.

This article provides a useful selection of free planner applications for Android and iOS systems that will help you to define the most important goals and objectives.

Remember The Milk

This is a well-known app for compiling task lists. Its interface works according to the concept of ‘cards’ – pop-up panels with relevant information (important matters, reminders) that can be called up and hidden if necessary.

The organizer allows college students to generate and view lists, add important notes and tasks, make plans for the near future, edit existing ‘smart lists’ or create new ones. Thanks to this planner app, you will never forget the contacts of the best cheap essay writing service. Just enter a note ‘cheap essays’ and relevant information about essays will be provided to you at any time. 


This popular program is considered one of the most useful planners worldwide. It is an extensive to-do list where you can take notes, create tasks, as well as determine the time of their completion. It is also possible to create recurring events. Tasks usually occupy a certain group: family, education, shopping, and so on. If necessary, tasks are supplemented by notes and even files. For convenience, you can add hashtags – so you definitely will not miss anything.


It is an interesting planner for conducting educational and personal files. The application allows students to structure tasks and monitor their implementation. The following functionality is available in the free varieties: adding, editing, and marking tasks, access to the calendar for years to come. You can use the program both online and offline – everything is synchronized through the cloud. Edits and changes are instantly displayed for the entire group that works with this task.

Do it

If you do not like to make plans for the future, but always write down the next activities, then the application “Do it” will become your indispensable assistant. The tasks are planned there only for 2 days. The interface is like a simulator of two pages of a notebook. Tasks for today are on the left side, for tomorrow – on the right. You can easily mark completed tasks by striking them out.


“GTasks” is a convenient and non standard task scheduler. It is available on different devices. The interface of this unique application is very simple. Lists and settings are placed on the main menu panel. The user determines the date and time of each task. In addition, it is possible to set a repeat mode. To add a new task, you need to write its title or apply voice input.


Pay attention to this unique planner application. Each task here can be branched into smaller ones – this creates a whole tree, which is very convenient for education. You can set a specific time for the assignment (for example, writing an essay, research work, or dissertation), define basic requirements, specify a priority, etc. The program is easily synchronized on all devices. 

Tick tick

This convenient organizer includes to-do lists, reminders, and a pocket diary. The program works both online and offline. The advantage of this program is that it allows the user to set the importance of tasks, as well as attach the case to a specific place. For example, if you need to arrive at the desired address (library, tutor’s home, etc.), the app will remind you about it 100 meters from the destination. You may also add additions and comments to some tasks, set the time frame, add other users, etc. “TickTick” is integrated with “Google Calendar” and syncs notes on all devices.


“Trello” will not only allow you to generate regular to-do lists but will also help to organize the educational process. Everything is served as packs of cards there. In addition, each pack shows the status of any training project. Using this app, students can hold discussions with peers, arrange polls, upload files with data, put text, and color labels.


The app allows users to categorize tasks into 3 types: by date (grouping by day – today, tomorrow, etc.), by list, by priority (priority tasks are usually displayed at the top of the list). If you are not very fond of typing on a smartphone, then the program will offer to apply a microphone – all words will be converted to text. Using this program, you can create lists, enter subtasks, attach confidential files, set reminders, etc. The program synchronizes perfectly on all devices.

So, this article has provided you with up-to-date information about applications that are useful to every modern student. It is impossible to say unequivocally which program of the above is the best. They are all unique and useful. Therefore, choose the one that suits you.

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