What can an Auto Collision Repair Service do for an RV? 

What can an Auto Collision Repair Service do for an RV? 

Many Americans consider riding around in an RV to enjoy the open road. Why bother spending money on hotels when one can travel in their home? Whether a person wants to go camping or cross-country trip, RVs are the most cost-efficient way to see the country. But what if the vehicle gets into an accident and gets damaged when traveling around? If the vehicle’s exterior is damaged, the owner must take it to an RV collision Repair outlet. These auto body shops are acquainted with technicians who are experts in repairing RVs. This article enlists some common auto collision repairs that a professional can do for an RV. 

·       Fiberglass Repair

Usually, the RV’s exterior is made of fiberglass as this material is lightweight and durable. But it can be damaged if the vehicle runs into a solid object while backing up or making a tight turn. An RV collision Repair service can repair the fiberglass and get the vehicle back in shape. 

·       Dents and Dings Repair 

Although these two terms are used interchangeably, both are different types of damages. Dings are exterior damage that is half inches in diameter or less. These damages don’t chip the paint or expose the bare metal to rust. 

On the other hand, dent damages are bigger than half an inch. Moreover, dents chip the paint and damage the metal. An auto collision repair professional can repair dents and dings using body filler or replacing seriously dented panels. 

·       Windshield Damage Repair 

Windshield damage incorporates different cracks, including edge cracks, float cracks, or crack chips. The RV repair technician inspects the windshield damage to determine if the windshield needs to be repaired or replaced. In case a crack on the windshield is larger than 3 inches, professionals suggest replacing it. 

A major hit to an RV can crack the windshield severely, requiring windshield replacement. An RV collision Repair expert will remove the entire windshield and install the one depending on the vehicle’s make and model. 

·       Interior Damage Repair 

In addition to exterior damage repair, RV body shops provide interior damage repair services. These professionals can repair everything from broken seals, lights, and appliances to damaged tanks and flooring. 

·       Painting

The RV’s exterior and interior paint can be scrapped or chipped during the accident. If such is the case, RV owners should take their vehicles to auto body repair professionals to get them repainted. They will inspect if the vehicle is scratched, scrapped, or dented and then fix the paint damage accordingly. 


Driving an RV all over the country comes with some risks, including a collision. Planning what an owner can do following an RV collision can help him deal with this stressful situation. One effective way to get the vehicle back in shape is to take it to a professional RV body repair shop. These shops are acquainted with professionals who are experts in delivering exterior and interior repair services. Moreover, they can replace severely damaged RV body parts and paint the vehicle’s exterior and interior to improve its appearance.