What Causes Most Slip and Fall Injuries in the Bronx?

Recently, a woman from the Bronx sued a retail store for a slip and fall accident. She sustained injuries in diverse parts of her body. But the case was eventually removed. As per experienced a Bronx slip and fall lawyer, this suggests the difficulty in proving liability in such cases.

Bronx County has a population of around 1.4 million and is considered one of the poorest boroughs of New York. As per the Census, there are 18,309 employer establishments in 2018. 

These establishments must ensure proper measures to avoid slip and fall instances. If not, you can claim compensation if you sustain injuries. In this article, you’ll learn what causes the most slip and fall injuries.

Wet Surfaces

By far, the most common reason for slip and fall is wet surfaces. People unknowingly walk on a wet surface, lose balance, and end up hurting themselves.

If this occurs in a commercial facility, it’ll be the owner who will be at fault. You can request compensation by filing a personal injury claim. The company’s insurance provider will pay for the damages incurred by you. Every business must have liability insurance coverage to deal with such incidents.

Rainy or Foggy Weather

Weather is another reason why slip and fall accidents take place. Especially during rainy or foggy weather, the surface can become slippery, which would lead to slips and falls. In the winters as well, such incidents can occur.

If the accident occurs on the owner’s property, then you can get compensated accordingly. It’s impossible to control the weather. Because of this, it becomes harder to prove liability.

Staff Negligence

At times, staff members can become negligent and do things that would cause someone to slip and fall. 

For example, an employee may leave debris and trash on the floor. In another example, the janitor might not have properly cleaned the floor or left the floor wet.

When you walk into such areas, you’re prone to slipping. In such cases, the owner is wholly liable to compensate you at the earliest.

Ladders and Stairs

Another common area where slips occur is the ladders and stairs. These structures are required to be built in a specific way to support the people using them. You can refer to the NYC Construction Code for more information on this.

Ideally, the stairs should have handrails, should be worn or warped, non-skip, and clean. If it’s in an unsafe condition, then you can sue the owner for this.

In some cases, it’s the users who are negligent. For example, if you are found rushing or skipping steps, you might not receive compensation for the damages.


In some cases, it’s your footwear that is the culprit. As per National Floor Safety Institute, 24% of the slips are because of improper footwear. You should ensure that your footwear offers an adequate amount of friction. When you file a case for slip and fall, the owner will most likely defend himself by referring to your footwear’s condition. 

What Do You Need to Prove to Win a Slip and Fall Injury Case?

When you file a claim, you need to prove two things, which are:

  1. The property owner was responsible for the damage.
  2. He, she, or they were negligent, which resulted in the slip.

You’d have to defend yourself that your carelessness or mindless activities didn’t injure you. So, along with proving that the property owner was negligent, you’d have to prove that you didn’t cause the accident yourself.

When you suffer an injury, you should hire a Bronx slip and fall lawyer to handle your case. In most cases, the owners will compensate you for the losses, and the case will be outside the law. But, you should be prepared to file a lawsuit if required.

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