What Drugs to Fill Online and What Not To

Consumers are increasingly turning to the online pharmacy market. This is no surprise, as over 70% of internet users in the US search at least once per year for health-related information online. Researchers found that the more comfortable with online shopping you are, the more comfortable you will be with purchasing prescription drugs online.

Even so, you might not know which are the safest drugs to fill online. Customers should beware of rogue sites. Sites may sell fake products and compromise your private information.

Here is a list of safe online pharmacy drugs.

Safe Ways to Find Drugs to Fill Online

Online, you can find familiar drugstore chains as well as mom-and-pop pharmacies that provide electronic prescriptions well.

Generally, there are two ways to fill a prescription online.

  1. Online or Mail-Order Pharmacy

The internet pharmacy or online pharmacy will mail you the prescription.

  1. Use Patient Portal

Request a prescription online (e-prescribe), and pick up the medication in person.

To verify legitimacy:

  1. Check the website for a valid address and phone number
  2. If the website advertisement says you can obtain drugs without a prescription, do not go through with it
  3. Check if the drugs are FDA-approved
  4. A pharmacist should be available to contact
  5. Check the list of accredited digital pharmacies
  6. Always talk to your health care provider before using a drug for the first time.

Types of Drugs

Mail Order

You may be able to find significant discounts on common medications for heart disease or diabetes. This will depend on your insurer. You can get a three-month supply with free shipping for a copayment of a few dollars.

Generally, if you need to take medications in bulk for chronic diseases, mail order might be the way to go. Many pharmacies like Walmart will offer 90-day supplies of generic drugs for a low price.


If you need a prescription filled immediately, this may not be the way to go. The drugs will take up to two weeks to mail to you. So if you urgently need antibiotics or something like Plan B birth control, using an e-prescribe may be the way to go.

Simply request an Rx online and then pick up the medication in person. This will ensure that you can get your medication promptly.

Specialized Providers

There are also providers that combine mail-order and e-prescribe models. This is for particular skin concerns like acne or eczema or monthly birth control.

They have healthcare professionals available online, as well as the ability to provide e-prescriptions. They will then mail your customized medication to you.

Generally, these are accredited businesses and should be safe to use as well.


Be sure to update the pharmacy you use, online thoroughly or not, on your medical history. Pharmacists will look out for dangerous interactions between drugs.

Even if you have drugs to fill online, as a rule of thumb, check with your medical provider before starting a new medication.