Thursday, August 5 , 2021

    What If He Asks For Your Nudes


    Dear Girls,

    When one day the guy in your dreams comes to your world and shows affection and asks for your hand , you, say yes and imagine the whole universe revolving around both of you. Things are just perfect. Facing ups and downs together.Planning the future ahead.

    But if that prince charming asks for your nudes maybe begs for them what would you do? If you say No, he will suggest that you have trust issues, he will ask isn’t it better than looking at other girls’ nudes? You do not want to lose him at all. Do you? You question his desires. But trust , proving your trust is way more important. Isn’t it?

    This is with all my love to those beautiful souls, never share your nudes withanyone.The boy will take the upperhand in the relationship. Threatening you, making you regret, making you curse him.He won’t be your happy pill anymore. You will tolerate for the sake of your face.But you will suffer.

    When things are unbearable for you and you breakup , next day, you will be the hot topic of the Internet.Though it is your natural body which million of other women own, though men who hunt for your nudes have seen many more naked female bodies , the mentally retards will still ask for the link, sharing it and making posts.

    So please, have faith in yourself.Believe in yourself.Respect yourself. Be intellectual enough to for see the consequences. 

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