What Information Do You Get From the IBPS SO Notification?

The IBPS SO or the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Specialist Officer is an all-India examination which is to be conducted on 26th and 27th December 2020. This test is conducted every year to select various scale officers for public sector banks. Each post has a different examination and exam pattern, along with eligibility criteria. 

Candidates who wish to apply for this position must familiarise themselves with the different terms and conditions to register for this exam. The IBPS SO notification helps candidates learn about the different vacancies, the eligibility criteria, and more.

Is It Difficult to Crack IBPS SO Examination?

Candidates who want to take up the IBPS SO Examination need sufficient time to prepare for the examination. With proper planning, time management, practicing old papers and mock tests, acing the IBPS SO Examination is not challenging. 

However, those who want to apply for these coveted positions should know that several aspirants all over India take the examination, and the competition is high. Hence, candidates should get sufficient time to prepare for the examination.

Should You Follow the IBPS SO Notification?

The IBPS publishes various notifications on its website. These notifications can be quite informative and useful for candidates who appear for the current year’s examination or wish to appear for this examination in the future. 

Candidates should follow these notifications closely to learn about the date of the examination, the vacancies, the eligibility criteria, and the process of applying for the different positions. 

What Information Does the Notification Provide?

Candidates who wish to appear for this examination must be following their website closely. The IBPS publishes notifications from time regarding the examination. However, these notifications can be long, often exceeding thirty pages, challenging to get through. Hence, many candidates wonder whether notifications are critical.

If you do not want to go through the entire notification, you can only look at specific parts that may be of interest to you. These parts are listed below:

  • Participating Organisations: The notification lists the different organizations that will be recruiting candidates via this online examination. 
  • Dates to Remember: The tentative dates for applying to register for the exam, when the exam will be conducted (both Preliminary and Mains), the publication of results, interview as well as the publication of the Provisional Allotment List are also published in the notification
  • Eligibility Criteria: Here, the eligibility of the candidate is determined. The eligibility criteria include the candidate’s nationality, the candidate’s age, educational qualification, the detailed relaxation terms for different categories such as those candidates with disabilities.
  • CRIP – Online Examination Details: This portion details the pattern of the question pattern for different posts, scoring criteria (such as the penalty for wrong answers), details about the examination centres, how the final score is calculated and also explains how cut-off scores are decided.
  • Interview and Provisional Allotment: This portion details how the interview is conducted, how the candidate must apply to appear for the interview if selected, and what documents they should have with them. It also explains how the provisional allotment list is published and what the candidates should do to qualify for a position.
  • Identification Verification: It lists the valid documents that can be used for identity verification by the candidate. It also lists the documents that the candidate should have with them on the date of the examination and the Social Distancing guidelines per COVID-19 safety measures.
  • How to Apply: This portion details how candidates can apply to register for the IBPS SO Examination.
  • General Instruction: This portion provides the candidate with more information about the examination, code of conduct, and other exam instructions.
  • Call Letter and Announcements: This portion details how Call Letters and Announcements keep candidates informed about the important updates regarding the examination.

Although the IBPS SO notification may be lengthy, it provides some important details. Candidates should try to read through the notification at least once to have the necessary information to appear for the exam. Otherwise, they can look up various sections to learn relevant information.