What is a water pump?

The term water pump is a common name for a broad-based group of products. Basically, water pumps transport from one place to another water or other fluids that are under pressure, which is low if it involves submersible pumps, and high with regard to garden or borehole pumps. 

As a result, it is difficult to provide one universal definition for the term. You may have a water pump in your house without even being aware of it,  such as a central heating system that pumps water around to keep your home comfortably warm.

Water pumps are available for a wide range of situations and purposes: for example, to drain undesired water from a cellar or another space. Other models supply water to irrigate gardens or plots of land, or to heat your house, while pressure-boosting pumps increase the water pressure in your shower or bath.

Which garden pump is the right one?

Garden pump. Which garden pump is the best?

The range of garden pumps is large. Depending on the purpose for which you need a garden pump, we offer you various pumps with the required power at the branch or in the online shop.

Focus mainly on the size of the garden or on the local conditions such as a slope. If you want to spray a piece of land on a slope, you have to use a water pump with a large transport height (5 bar is enough for 50 meters). Even if height has to be overcome between the pump outlet and, for example, a water tap, you must take this into account when choosing the pump.

Domestic water pump

Which garden pump is the best?

A domestic water pump ensures even water pressure. This is particularly important if you want to use the collected rainwater in the house. Many devices, such as a washing machine, require even water pressure. Furthermore, a domestic water pump is also suitable for the operation of lawn sprayers or spraying installations in a greenhouse.Why you need a submersible pump

In brief, there are water pumps for every purpose, season, and situation. For example, flooding due to heavy storms and severe rain – and the draining of this water – occurs more often in the autumn and winter, whereas spring and summer are drier seasons. Then it is nice if your garden can be sprayed with water that is supplied in different ways: for example, from the water mains or from surface water if a hosepipe ban has been imposed and groundwater levels are low.

What water pump brand should I buy?

The applications and models are manifold, and there are just as many manufacturers. In practice, many models are produced in China and marketed under different brand names in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world, while some manufacturers also produce their own products closer to home, in Europe. There is a major difference in quality between pumps, and this may cause problems if the pump has to take a pounding. Of course, in terms of quality, the best result comes from manufacturers that maintain control over their products and devices,  for example, Grundfos and DAB (same family), Wilo, or Pedrollo.

With regard to Grundfos and DAB, you can be assured that their products meet the highest quality standards possible. Their pumps are produced in their own factories in Europe and are first tested by real people before being packed in boxes. As a result of the stringent manufacturing and checking process, the failure rate amounts to less than 1% at the time of purchase. These test results are packed with each and every pump so that you can check this for yourself.

Usually, there is also a difference in price. Quality assurance costs money and is part of the cost price. As a result, the cost and selling prices of Grundfos and DAB pumps are usually slightly higher. However, the combined manufacturing and checking process and the quality of the pumps ensure that they will easily last a very long time.