Tuesday, November 29 , 2022

What Is Extreme Experiential Marketing? Brands Utilizing This Marketing

In this fast marketing campaign era, experiential marketing is one of the hottest trends that many brands are using to build credibility among their customers. Moreover, many brands want digitalized customers having unforgettable live brand experiences. In this digital marketing era, brands are continually pushing new content every day to drive the individual attention of their customers. Thereby, it’s getting more and more challenging, but this has to lead the brands to interact with their customers in the digital world. Below are the worldwide known brands that have been using extreme experiential marketing to explode their return on investment.

Why it matters?

Forbes describes that utilizing experiential marketing builds a strong relationship between the brand and customers. It also helps you collect important data about your customers that certainly help you to develop an efficient strategy.

Examples Of Brands Utilizing Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Stratos: Red Bull

Internet was really common in 2012 as well, that time you must have heard about a live stream named Stratos. Energy drink brand, Red Bull has been known for covering extreme sports events that their customers like since the brand has been established in 1987. In 2012, Red Bull skyrocketed its content marketing when the Red Bull experiential marketing campaign featured a skydiver from Austria named Felix Baumgartner, who partnered with the RedBull and made a new world record of 128,000 feet highest skydive.

Piano Staircase Volkswagon

Volkswagon turned the staircase in Sweden into a giant piano when no one was there; the following day, each step of the stairs produced different music as people climbed the stairs up and down. This extreme experiential campaign by vehicle company was the part of The Fun Theory, which means that people are likely to do stuff if its fun doing it.

Moreover, according to DDV Stockholm, which is partnered ad agency of Volkswagon that fun is the easiest way in the world to change people’s behavior.

Charity Donation Billboard: Misereor

According to World Payment Report, an estimated 357 billion transactions are made without cash each year, do you remember when last time you paid a big amount in cash? I know its tough to remember. German NGO Misereor put our bad habits to good despite knowing how often we whip out our debit or credit cards with a billboard of giving charity.

This campaign was named as SocialSwipe and the banners, and posters were displayed at airports with images of problems that the NGO solves.

Healthymagination – GE

Do you think that the experiential marketing campaigns are for B2C brands only? Not, according to web dam, 67% of the B2B marketers say that the adaptation of experiential marketing events is one of the most effective strategies they use for their businesses.

GE invites industry professionals to take part in its Healthymagination campaign, which was initiated to promote global health care solutions, especially in developing countries. GE worked with the agencyEA to create movie sets so people can see the impact of their campaign initiative. Different healthcare environments were represented in these movie sets where the work was taking place.