What Is GrooveFunnels And How Much Does It Cost?

New or experienced entrepreneurs of the Amazon FBA marketplace are known with their extensive use of software tools crafted to assist them. Several of these tools can be found online and have a variety of exclusive abilities with different purposes. A new software application known as Groovefunnels is making a buzz for its affordability and overall packaging that includes most of these Amazon seller tools.

What is GrooveFunnels?

Every digital marketer may choose to run their online web stores with a software package and affordable prices. Business people new to the stage of online sales may consider using applications with simple traits and attributes that are easy to follow and use when making their websites. Every aspect of running a web-based marketplace may maintain their services with an all-in-one Amazon seller tool known as Groovefunnels.

GrooveFunnels is web-based software and an Amazon seller tool capable of assisting fresh and experienced entrepreneurs involved in the Amazon FBA industry. The application known as Groovefunnels is a great Jungle Scout alternative since it contains the features and functions of modern-day marketer tools. GrooveFunnels is capable of functioning as a sales funnel builder, an email management platform, and overall sales and product promotions tool.

The software tool of GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one package that contains all the necessary tools that a newbie in the Amazon marketplace can use. GrooveFunnels assists marketers in selling their digital products and services online. It comes with an integrated function that lets online marketers create their own sales funnels that can be crucial in attracting more customer traffic.

GrooveFunnels is created by Mike Filsaime, who is an essential persona in the online marketing industry and made vast amounts of profit as a digital marketer. GrooveFunnels is now considered a low-cost method of building sales funnel networks for most web-based entrepreneurs. It is capable of creating landing pages, CRMs, webinars, funnel builders and sales tools.

GrooveFunnel Features

GrooveFunnels is a digital application or software specially designed to help online marketers build their sales funnel pages. It is capable of creating new websites, landing pages, web stores and web pages for promoting, advertising, and selling digital products and services online. Every aspect of a web-based business can be enhanced with the use of GrooveFunnels.


GroovePages is the primary tool and feature that can be used with the software application known as GrooveFunnels. It allows for the creation of websites, landing pages, web stores, and sales funnels. It specializes in building high-converting sales funnels and assisting in the selling and distributing of profitable products to interested and potential customers.

  • Sell Products with Unlimited Funnels Creations
  • Website Brand
  • Website Navigation Interface
  • Check-out Options
  • Offers
  • Upsells
  • Downsells
  • Order Bumps
  • Exposure to Affiliate Programs
  • Boost Item Sales with One-Click Sales Funnels


GrooveSell is the exclusive and powerful affiliate and sales marketing tool offered by the GrooveFunnels application. GrooveSell is interfaced like a shopping cart function similar to ThriveCart and Shopify. It is the tool that can be used by marketers in setting up their web-based stores, sell or advertise digital products, services, webinars, and online courses.

Groove Affiliate

Groove Affiliate is GrooveFunnels’ affiliate program management tool designed for entrepreneurs. It can be a useful platform that can connect sellers to affiliates that can promote a particular product or service to interested individuals. Groove Affiliate is also applicable for monitoring the progress of online courses and connections with third-party affiliates.

Groove Mail

Email marketing plays a crucial factor in expanding an online business or launching a new product of excellent income potential. Groove Mail provides its users with the ability to connect with clients and customers with personal email deployments personally. It can be used to build an online list that is considered essential for modern-day marketers.


GrooveMember is the feature offered by GrooveFunnels to help digital entrepreneurs set-up a membership site. It provides a Membership Content Management System that collects, stores, and safeguards information on listed clients. GrooveMember can function as a comprehensive tool for hosting online courses, virtual summits and meetings, and launching membership pages.


Videos are now crucial with the accurate portrayal and advertisement of items. Online videos are popular to deliver a visual approach for learning and teach information towards interested individuals. GrooveVideos can be used by marketers to create clips that can generate leads and organize or funnel customer traffic to a sales website.

GrooveFunnels Pricing

GrooveFunnels may initiate a newcomer with a free starting price. It would evolve to three monthly payments of four-hundred ninety-seven dollars after fourteen days. A customer may pay its services for two-hundred eighty-eight dollars at a monthly six-month payment basis, or choose a twelve-month payment plan of one-hundred eighty-eight dollars per month. The best payment deal the GrooveFunnels offer is a one-time deal of one-thousand three-hundred ninety-seven dollars.


GrooveFunnels is a recommended optional Amazon Sales tool aside from other reputable software applications. It is capable of delivering all the functions found with other devices while being an affordable option for newcomers of the online industry. It is created by experienced digital entrepreneurs and features an all-in-one package of tools that can help build sales funnels or business websites.