What is it like to live in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a great place to relocate, especially if you’re looking for a new home that offers the best of both worlds – from isolated islands with no electricity or wifi through to bustling cities with big-city attractions.

The standard of living in New Zealand is one of the highest in the world. It ranks highly on many different measures including income, cost of living, health care, safety and housing.

Currently, New Zealand is in the middle of a skills shortage. A significant number of employers have expressed concern about the number of skilled individuals at their company and those in the workplace who are leaving. 

If you look at the main industries, tourism is booming throughout the country, with more and more people coming to visit every year. The construction industry is feeling the shortage as well, with on-going delays and projects being delayed, as there is a real struggle to find skilled workers to complete these difficult projects. 

Work-life balance

New Zealanders have one of the best work life balance in the developed world.

The Kiwi way of life is renowned and often imitated. From the relaxed nature, to the style of living, to the opportunity for work life balance, the country has become a favourite destination for tourists and travellers. 

It’s a place where both parents can pursue their careers while ensuring their children are able to attend high-quality local schools and enjoy life in a safe, natural environment. Children grow up active and naturally inquisitive in a little corner of the world that offers so much for healthy and balanced physical and mental development. 

Also, the self employed can find work life balance in New Zealand better than for most other working situations. NZ has no minimum wage so payment is based on the task and self-employment can be a way to work fewer hours without sacrificing pay.

Great climate for the outdoorsy 

New Zealand has a relatively mild climate, with the majority of the country being temperate and only having small areas of sub-tropical climate such as around Auckland. New Zealand’s proximity to the ocean means that it is wetter in terms of rainfall but also cooler than many countries because of its maritime climate. 

Coastal regions are warmest during the summer months and coldest in winter due to their exposure to westerly winds bringing moisture from the Pacific Ocean. 

Not only is New Zealand’s climate great for outdoor living, it’s the leading factor of a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy the clean air and beautiful scenery while you hike, bike, sail or raft.

Panoramic beauty 

New Zealand offers some of the best outdoor living in the world. With its mild climate, wide range of activities and stunning scenery, there’s no excuse for not hitting the trails or paddling the lakes! Here are a few of our favourite outdoor experiences.

Kiwis are friendly, with a colony of native people reported to have the highest living standards in the world. The government has always been of the left, giving this country a more liberal feel. It’s also one of the cleanest countries in the world, with a self-motivated pride in tidy streets and landscapes.

In general, Kiwis are an extremely warm and friendly bunch. They really appreciate good manners and will go out of their way to treat you well. The government has always been of the left, giving this country a more liberal feel. It’s also one of the cleanest countries in the world, with a self-motivated pride in tidy streets and landscapes.

Fascinating culture 

New Zealand’s culture is very unique. It’s largely a mix of Maori culture with ‘Pakeha’ — European — influences. New Zealanders are proud of their local culture and language, which is one of the reasons why it might seem a little strange to people who have never been in the country before. They don’t throw the word ‘mate’ around like Australians do. In New Zealand locals say gidday! – instead of ‘howzitgoin?’ It’s a common greeting. 

Kiwis are creative, innovative, passionate people who pride themselves on a real “never give up” attitude. Kiwis love good reads, a cold beer, and an adventurous approach to life. Whether you’re into thrillers or science fiction, sci-fi films or anime, New Zealand is the place for fun – that’s why they call it Godzone.

The country has it’s own national sports (such as rugby and cricket), cultural exports (like Lord of the Rings), scenery, and history.

High quality education

New Zealand has one of the highest levels of education in the world, with more than 98% of people having access to primary and secondary schools. As a result, literacy levels in New Zealand are very high.

Education is free and compulsory from ages 5 to 16. New Zealand primary and secondary education follow the English model, and support English as the main language. At least 10 years of schooling are compulsory in both state and integrated schools. Students can move up to the next course in their education by achieving passes grade E or above, with promotion based on achievement within subjects, rather than by age.   

Kiwi schools are well resourced, and provide a high standard of education. The teachers are typically very well qualified as teachers and they receive significant professional development through training courses and workshops.

NZ has one of the most diverse education systems in the world. Students benefit from small class sizes, great vocational training and respected degrees. Combine this with the quality lifestyle that is offered by the country and you can see why New Zealand is so popular with students. If you’re planning to study in New Zealand as a foreign student, a qualified immigration lawyer can give you the proper guidance on the requirements. Excellent healthcare & insurance 

NZ has an excellent and universal healthcare system, which means more time to relax, and a better quality of life. The country’s healthcare and insurance are rated some of the best in the world, , with a focus on safety and minimizing wait times.

While waiting times for specialist care may be lengthy for non-emergency cases, hospital care is free to citizens and visitors alike. Private clinics also operate on a “user pays” system where patients face fees for services.


New Zealand is without a doubt a fantastic place to live and work. It’s hard to know just where to begin. The is a country of movie lovers, surfers, gamers and techies. It has a dramatic landscape with snow-capped mountains and sandy beaches. 

There are more sheep than people, yet it’s a young economy with a strong high-tech sector. And kiwis have perfected the art of balancing work, family and play. The culture is laid back but the climate is not. So, what is it like to live in New Zealand? In one word: Wonderful!