What Is PRINCE2® Foundation And Practitioner Certification Training – What It Is, Why It Matters & How To Do

The Projects in a Controlled Environment Certification or PRINCE2 is one of the most practiced methods in the world for project management. It is scalable, flexible, and reliable. This structured project management methodology covers management, organization, along with Project control. It is a project-based approach that provides a scalable and tailored method for managing different types of projects.  

Why is PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification Training important? 

  • PRINCE2 certification has become a standard project management methodology. It can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization as well as the scope and nature of the project. 
  • It is completely scalable with an emphasis on Agile adoption and tailoring. 
  • Through the certification, you will be able to leverage the expertise of PRINCE2’s global community. Their guidance will be accessible, relevant, practical, and authoritative. 
  • The certification exam will be focused on real-world applications. This way, you will be equipped for success in the field of project management. 
  • The PRINCE2 qualification will enhance your value and position and a project manager.

What are the different levels of PRINCE2 qualification? 

PRINCE2 qualification has two levels: 

  1. Foundation – This is the first qualification needed for becoming a PRINCE2 Practitioner. The level aims to measure if you can become an informed member of the project management team on using the methodology in an environment that supports it. During the training, you will learn about the core of the methodology.  
  2. Practitioner – To be eligible for this level, you must either have the Foundation or the PMP certification. The aim of this level is to measure if you can apply the methodology to run and manage a project. You must show you the capability of tailoring the methodology to fit different circumstances. You must also have an understanding of the relationship between principles, processes, and themes. 

 KnowledgeHut is an accredited training organization for PRINCE2 qualification. Through the training, you will be able to master the fundamentals of the methodology and implement them effectively. The course is 4 days long with 32 hours of Instructor-led training that can be counted as 32 PDUs. The courseware has been approved by PeopleCert and AXELOS. The fee of the course will include the certification exam fees as well. However, it does not include the PRINCE2 Manual.
 If you opt for Classroom training, the paper-based exam will be conducted on the last day of the training. In the case of virtual training, you have to get in touch with an agent from KnowledgeHut so that they can buy the exam voucher for you. For the PRINCE2 Foundation + Practitioner Classroom Training, the exam for the foundation level will be held on either the second or third day of the training, depending on the instructor. 

What will you learn during the training? 

  • How to control the start and end of the project using the PRINCE2 principles. 
  • Perform reviews of the progress of the project regularly with respect to the business case and the project plan. 
  • Perform free communication between the stakeholders and management. 
  • Delegate, control, and monitor the project’s progress. 
  • Breakdown the project into easily manageable chunks. 

What are the prerequisites for the certification? 

There are no prerequisites for the Foundation certification exam. However, it is advised that you have a basic knowledge of project management before enrolling in the course. 

For the Practitioner certification, one of the following credentials is mandatory: 

  • PRINCE2 Foundation 
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) 
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) 
  • IPMA – Level A, B, C, and D 

Enrolling for the training program with KnowledgeHut will help with the following: 

  • The Exam Prep – The exam plan for KnowledgeHut has been planned meticulously and created by researching and resourcing exams and questionnaires blueprints. With all these, you will have the maximum learning benefit and clear the exam in your first attempt. 
  • Guarantee – The quality of the training is the USP of KnowledgeHut. The instructors have created a comprehensive curriculum for PRINCE2 that will help you in clearing the exam. 
  • Journey support – KnowledgeHut not only supports you in learning but in all other aspects of certification. From enrolling for the exam to clearing your doubt after the training, they will provide you assistance. 

What is the curriculum of a training program? 

  1. PRINCE2 Introduction 
  • Introduction – It will cover project management, business environment, programs, portfolios, and six aspects of project management. 
  • PRINCE2 – This section includes the key features and benefits of the methodology along with the structure and integrated elements (Principles, Processes, and Themes). 

      2. PRINCE2 Principles 

  • Purpose 
  • The seven principles – Learn from experience, continued business justification, manage by stages, manage by exception, defined roles, and responsibilities, focus on products, and customize to fit the project.

     3. PRINCE2 Themes  

  • The seven themes 
  • Business Case – It covers definition, purpose, outcome, benefits, output, PRINCE2’s minimum requirements, quality criteria, approach, roles and responsibilities, contents of the business case, and benefits of management approach. 
  • Organization – It includes purpose, the structure of project management, PRINCE2’s minimum requirements, the three project interests, and stakeholders, project manager, project executive, and project board, project assurance, senior supplier, and senior user, change authority, team manager, communication management approach, and project support. 
  • Quality – This section covers key definitions, purpose, PRINCE2’s minimum requirements, quality roles and responsibilities, and quality management procedure. It also covers quality management products including product description, project product description, quality register, and quality management approach. 
  • Plans – This includes definition, purpose, types of plans, planning approach, PRINCE2’s minimum requirements, and roles and responsibilities. 
  • Risk – It covers definitions, purpose, risk management, roles and responsibilities, PRINCE2’s minimum requirements, risk register, risk management approach, and risk management procedure. 
  • Change – It includes key definitions, purpose, PRINCE2’s minimum requirements, issue report, issue register, change control approach, issues and change control procedure, and roles and responsibilities. 
  • Progress – It includes key concepts, purpose, PRINCE2’s minimum requirements, tolerance and exceptions, progress controls, roles and responsibilities, and progress reports.

     4. PRINCE2 Processes 

  • Process Model 
  • Project Lifecycle 
  • Starting up a Project 
  • Directing a Project  
  • Initiating a Project 
  • Controlling a Stage 
  • Managing Product Delivery 
  • Managing Stage Boundary 
  • Closing a Project 

 PRINCE2 is a standard methodology that defines the standards of project management and helps in establishing consistency among different projects. Several industries have adopted the methodology and are looking to hire professionals with this qualification.  

With the KnowledgeHut training program, you will have theoretical as well as practical knowledge for clearing the certification exam and achieving the objectives of the business. So, enrol in the training program and acquire the skills that are in huge demand right now.