What Makes Ceramic Coating a Great Choice for Your Car?

Every car owner wants to keep the exterior of the car in good condition. However, sun rays, dust, bird droppings, and splattered bugs damage your car’s paint fast. If you want your car to look new, you need to consider ceramic coating. Here are some reasons to apply a ceramic coat to your car’s paint. 

Protection From UV Rays 

UV radiation causes the resin in the paint to dry, leading to cracking of the paint. It also causes fading of the colour of the paint, most often outright discolouration or fading.  When the paint breaks down, the damage is further accelerated.

The ceramic coating is UV resistant. It blocks UV rays and prevents oxidation of the paint, thereby offering optimal protection from UV rays.  

Protection From Chemical Stains 

Chemicals like brake fluid can cause severe damage to the car’s paint. They work in the same manner as paint strippers. These chemicals dissolve the paint coat and expose bare metal. 

When you apply a ceramic coating, it prevents chemicals from coming in direct contact with the car’s paint. It protects the car’s painted surface and leaves its shine intact. 

Hydrophobic Nature

 Washing a car becomes a headache, mainly if you have applied wax to protect the car’s paint.  When you apply a ceramic coating, you don’t have to worry about the polymer being washed off. The ceramic-type coating not only blends with the paint coat but also repels water. 

The coating is hydrophobic. It means all dirt- grime will bead on the surface and slide off.  When you apply a ceramic coating, even a jet splash of water is enough to remove the dirt grime and make your car spotless.  The ceramic coat is much more rigid than a wax coat or ordinary paint job. 

Ice and snow do not stick to ceramic coated surfaces. Water and rain droplets do not get accumulated on the surface and slide off. 

 Improved Durability

The coating is harder than any other paint job and offers optimal protection to the vehicle.  The ceramic coat will bond with the molecular structure of the car’s paint. It cannot be dislodged with an external force or any vibrations that your car experiences while driving it on the road. The ceramic coat lasts for years and acts as an added layer of skin on the car’s painted surface. 

Candy Like Gloss

The ceramic car coating improves the aesthetics of your car. It adds depth and gloss to the car’s paint.  The ceramic coat renders your vehicle a glossy look and brings the best out of the car’s original paint job. 

Many people find it hard to believe the benefits offered by ceramic. Here is crucial information on how this coating works.

How Does Ceramic Coat Work to Protect Your Car?

The ceramic coat is a multi-layer liquid nano-coating. After applying ceramic, applicators cure it with technology that transforms the layer into a durable and flexible glass shield.  The shield protects the car’s paint from dust, debris, and chemicals.  

Is It Worth It?

Ceramic coat application can cost you a thousand dollars or more, depending on the package or service provider you select. Unlike wax or other paint coating solutions, the ceramic coat lasts for years. Manufacturers also offer a lifetime warranty on the coat. The coverage includes environmental damage such as bird splatter, tree sap, or bird dropping. 

Unlike waxing, a ceramic coat does not need waxing or polishing. All you need to do is use pH-neutral shampoo and a sponge to clean the car’s exterior. You don’t need to give the coat any special treatment after washing, and it will continue to protect your car’s paint for years. 

Since the ceramic coat is treated as an aftermarket accessory, it is included in the insurance coverage. If your car meets an accident and needs a paint job and ceramic coat again, you don’t need to pay for the ceramic coat. 

To sum up, these are some of the benefits of applying a ceramic coat to your car’s painted surface. 

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