What Penalties Can You face when driving Without Auto Insurance?

When you drive, there is always a risk of getting into an accident. However, with the risk of having accidents, a lot of other things can also happen, and if you are uninsured situation can get out of control. Conversely, when you are insured, such terrifying problems become much less and a lot easier to resolve.

In the United States, it is obligatory to have some sort of auto insurance in order to drive. There is no excuse of driving without legal auto insurance because it is strictly illegal. Car insurance is mandatory in all the States, and they have their minimum requirements on how much insurance coverage is required to operate.

You might be taking this compulsory insurance as a stupid law, but there are several good reasons for this to have. This article will take you through some penalties that you may face if you don’t have valid car insurance and are involved in an accident.

License Suspensions

It is probably a nightmare for any driver. Apart from hefty fines, you most likely will get license suspension as well. Many states, including New York, California, and Texas will either suspend your license or license plate if you are found to be driving without proper insurance.

License suspensions are severe. In California, your license can get suspended for straight six months if you caught into an accident. Moreover, if you do not have your driving license, you will also have to face a penalty for driving without a license. On the other hand, if your license plate is suspended in will involve impoundment for at least 30 days and seizure of your vehicle.

Legal Issues without Insurance

You will have to face fines, license suspension, court dates, and the lawsuit if you get into an accident without auto insurance. If you do not have insurance at the time of the crash, you’ll be taken to court to present the proof. For instance, you do not have any evidence meaning no insurance. You’ll need to go before the judge. The judge will fine or sentence you to some legal punishment.

Being Sued

In worst cases, when you are not insured, you are likely to be sued for any harms or damages that took place in an accident in which you were at fault. Depending on injuries and damages caused due to your blunder, you could end up paying a considerable amount of money sometimes in millions. In case you do not have that amount you owe to pay, you can lose your house and other valuable assets.

Coverage for Automobile and Injuries

You will be responsible for the damage and injuries of others as well as for your car if you get into an accident. Contrary to this, if you have proper auto insurance, they will take care of all the expenses you may face in the car crash.

Without insurance you are on your own, no matter you were at fault or driver of another car, at the end you’ll have to pay for your hospital bills. Therefore, car insurance is worth the money, and the right policy and coverage will get you covered from the medical expense and also damages caused to your and another person car of you are at fault.