Wednesday, May 18 , 2022

What To Clean Before Selling Your House

Everyone knows that when you want to sell your house, the presentation matters. But what do possible buyers really pay attention to? What do you nééd to clean? In this article, we’ll gladly give you some tips, so you can sell your house in no-time.

  • Declutter everything

We know this is tip number one when you want to sell your house, but it’s important to really declutter everything and not do a quick clean up of the house. With that, we obviously mean that the dishes should be done and put away, but also that there are no bags (Dutch: tassen) and shopping bags (Dutch: boodschappentassen) lying around. Put away the magazines and the deck of cards (Dutch: speelkaarten) that lie next to the sofa and make sure there are no slippers in front of the bathroom. Everything that’s just ‘lying around’ needs to go. It will give your house a much cleaner look and potential buyers can focus on the home and space, not the junk. Furthermore, put away the family photos. It’s not the most fun, but your home should look pristine, clean and depersonalized.

  • Deep clean the inside of the house

Obviously it’s important to clean your house. Wash the windows inside and out, vacuum the house and polish the faucets. Some places in the house need even more attention. We recommend deep clean the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. Make sure everything’s shiny again and all smells are gone. And while you’re at it, also make sure the inside of your fridge looks clean. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house and you don’t want anyone taking a peek inside your fridge and seeing weeks-old spaghetti! 

  • Make sure the outside gets some love too

We’ve all heard of love at first sight. But did you know that when we’re talking about selling houses, a turn-off, at first sight, is also possible? You don’t want a potential buyer to step out of their car, take a look at your garden and sidewalk and turn back around. Spray your sidewalks with a pressure washer, mow your lawn and trim your hedges. In short: make your house look like the picture-perfect!

  • Make your house look like new

This is actually a summary of this article. When you have completed all the points above then you have been doing well! If everything goes well, your house will look as good as new again. This means that your house is ready for sale. Your house will be sold much faster when it looks clean, well maintained and looks like new. 

Because suppose you want to buy a house and you doubt between a few houses. Then you look at the details and the points above will be decisive for you. Everyone naturally prefers to buy a clean and well-kept house. In addition, you also benefit from these things if you do not want to sell your house. You will be able to enjoy your house more if it is clean. However, sometimes this kind of heavy process is not possible for you. In this case, you can take support from relevant cleaning services NYC

Good luck with selling your house!