What to do in one day around Kathmandu

A city known to be the city of Temple where more than hundreds of temples are situated with great history. Traveling around the Kathmandu valley allows tourists to explore the panoramic view of the mountain range, unique hiking experience, Durbars and temples, and view of the capital Kathmandu. The dense city of Kathmandu also carries a great history of Nepal where numbers of rulers came and ruled. All the historic happenings will be known after visiting some museums, durbar square and the city itself. 

In one day around Kathmandu valley one can choose whether to go sightseeing, hiking or some adventure available around Kathmandu valley. Travelling around the city would change the climate also, you can feel like the climate is changing in every 30-40 km distance. Covered with beautiful green-hills reaching on the top of which would let you witness the beauty of Himalayas, Kathmandu valley itself and surrounding of the capital also.

Here are three options for your one day tour around Kathmandu. Each of them are important, beautiful, and would give you a life-time experience. Have a look

       1. Kathmandu City Sightseeing 

Kathmandu sightseeing is one of the best ways to know more about the country Nepal, Nepalese people, and the locals of Kathmandu. The tour not only let you know the current situation, but the whole history of Nepal, and Kathmandu. Museums, where the things of historic Nep-Indo war, Kings and how these things are important even in today’s time are kept and described. 

    • Bhaktapur

The UNESCO world heritage site has much to offer to the travelers. Ancient temples made before the establishment of the country USA, Durbars carrying out history of Nepal are the main highlight of the Bhaktapur Tour. A king named Jitatindra malla made a 55 window palace for his 55 wives would also be visited, doesn’t it sound crazy? Bhaktapur durbar square was once the palace for kings of bhaktapur having 4 square Taumadhi, Durbar, Pottery, and Dattatreya. 

Another beauty of this tour is Nyatapola Temple, which was made back in 1702 and is the tallest building in the town and tallest temple of the country. Changunarayan temple, also a cultural spot for Hindus, lies about 6km east of the bhaktapur. The temple represent great art on its outer space

    • Pashupatinath

Pashupatinath, the best destination for all the hindus from around the world. One of the best cultural heritage is available to see in Pashupatinath temple. Nepal’s largest crematory also lies on the bank of Bagmati River inside the Pashupati area.  A temple where thousands of people visit in a single day looks mesmerizing from the hillside of the Pashupatinath. Visiting this place in evening time is even more satisfying.

    • Boudhanath

A beautiful bouddhist destination inside Kathmandu valley, reaching where would make people peace, calm, and composed. Even the structure of the boudhanath is unique from all over the world and the religious destination of other religion. Buddhism, its path, and the prayer flag on the top of the temple makes it more beautiful. 

          2. Day hiking

As mentioned earlier, hiking to different places around Kathmandu is famous among those travelers, who are willing to see the scenery of mountains, city, and village from a single spot. Having less time in Nepal but achieving most possible memories would take you to the Day hiking around Kathmandu.

    • Shivapuri

Shivapuri Hiking is the best hiking path in and around Kathmandu. Diverse range of plants and animals can be witnessed along with unique pathways and the beauty of tropical forest. Reaching on the top of the hiking spot, you can see Gaurishankar, Ganesh, and even Everest if the weather is clear with a panoramic mountain view. 

The route lies inside the Shivapuri National park, so you need to pay an entrance fee and cooperate with the policy of the national park. It is the home of more than 500 animal species. If you are lucky enough, you might get to witness some rare species too. The eagle eye view of the Kathmandu valley from the top of shivapuri hills along with the origin of Bagmati river Bagdwar at the top. 

          3. Adventurous Activity

    • Paragliding in godawari

Paragliding in Kathmandu Godawari is also an ideal adventure sport to do inside the valley. This was established in 2007 in order to train the pilots and perform the flight too. This allows people to see the mesmerizing view of the langtang himalauyan range with bird eye view of Lalitpur, and Kathmandu. Well if you are confused on doing some adventure within a day for ultimate fun and experience, do it right away.

    • Bungee in last resort

The best experience of falling from a bridge over more than 200m to Bhotekoshi river hanging with a rope is a life-time experience. If you are seeking for an ultimate thrilling adventure around Kathmandu this is what you should go with. 

For this you need to drive to the last resort in the early morning. After having breakfast you will be brought to the bungee spot, the medical professional will check you BP and various things to make sure you are healthy enough to take part in this challenge. After everything is done, you are good to go, you will get the video shot at the last if you want it, and they might charge you a little bit of money for this. 

    • Zipline in Dhulikhel

The dhulikhel itself is one of the best spots to see the amazing view of himalayas, lifestyle of local newar people, village life and on top of that the zipline was established just a year ago. Talking about the city, you get to experience the typical Newari food and a hiking to the top of the hills. 

Zipline is one of the best adventures in Nepal. Hanging on rope sitting on a comfortable sit to feel uncomfortable by moving up to 100km per hour is something that people would never forget. Just like paragliding, you get to see the forest from a 90 degree angle with beautiful landscapes around. 


Numbers of options important for their various aspects are available when someone wants to spend one day around Kathmandu valley. Hiking, panoramic view of the mountain, Kathmandu city would be available to experience when you choose to go around Shivapuri National Park On the other hand sightseeing would help you to know more about Kathmandu, and history of Nepal along with Buddhism and Hinduism. Thrilling adventure are also an experience you don’t want to miss-out from your one day tour around Kathmandu valley