What to look for when Purchasing Clip-On Night Vision Scope

The night vision clip-on systems offer several benefits and could convert your daytime scope into a night vision riflescope. The models would easily clip on the front objective lens of the scope. It would instantly transform it into a night hunting rifle. 

If you were searching for a clip-on night vision scope, rest assured that you have come to the right platform. These clip-on night vision scopes have been specifically designed to clip instantly on your existing day scope. The clip-on night vision scope enables you to switch between normal and night vision optics relatively quickly without the need to remove the riflescope. 

The biggest benefit of a clip-on has been convenience. Rather than continuously switching between the day scope and night vision scope, you could keep the day scope on the rifle and attach the night vision clip-on as and when you require. It would help you see through the dust, smoke, bushes, or other obstructions with ease. 

The night vision clip-on comes in handy when you wish to hunt in the dark or adverse weather conditions. This versatile clip-on scope could also be used as a standalone monocular to explore or survey the surroundings. It would be pertinent to mention here that you do not need to re-zero your riflescope when attaching or removing the clip-on night vision scope. 

Purchasing a clip-on night vision scope 

Usually, you would look for the same aspects in a night vision scope that you would look for in a clip-on night vision scope. However, the most important aspects have been listed below. 

  • Compatibility 

Ensure that the clip-on night vision scope is compatible with your day scope. The size may not be the issue here, but the clip-on night vision scope should be designed to work well with a wide range of lens sizes of different day scopes. An important aspect to consider would be magnification. The manufacturers of clip-on scopes would recommend the maximum and minimum zoon of the day scope to be used along with the clip-on night vision scope. 

  • Size and weight 

A lightweight and compact clip-on night vision scope should be great for portability. It ensures that you do not make your rifle heavy to carry. It should not affect the accuracy and balance of the rifle. In case, the day scope is slightly heavier, consider looking for a lightweight clip-on night vision scope. 

  • Optics 

Yet another important aspect would be the thermal capability of the clip-on night vision scope. You should look for its range, resolution, and zooming capability. Consider looking for resolution, objective lens size, and refresh rate of the clip-on night vision scope. 

  • Display 

The clip-on night vision scope should have a bright and crisp display for ease of detection and tracking animals. For enhanced viewing, consider purchasing an HD display with a higher resolution. Consider looking for adjustments to the brightness of the display and changing the color palettes of the thermal image. 

  • Battery life 

Usually, the clip-on scopes offer 4-5 battery life. For enhanced battery life, consider looking forward to purchasing an external battery pack. 

  • Waterproof 

It would be recommended to purchase a waterproof night vision clip-on unit. It would ensure you could keep hunting during dark, rain, and snow.