California Lemon Law

What To Understand About California Lemon Law

What To Understand About California Lemon Law

Spending money on a new car can be a big deal especially if you are buying one for the first time. The brand, make and cost of the vehicle are some of the things you want to think of when in the market for a new car. And there is every chance that you are not worried about any issues from the manufacturer when you set out to buy a new car. But in the end, after a few weeks, you notice a factory fault that makes it challenging to drive smoothly. 

This means that you have what is termed a lemon car. This is a vehicle that doesn’t meet the complete standards of being roadworthy. And as you can imagine shouldn’t have to worry about making repairs as you can take this up with the dealership. This page has tips on how to avoid buying a lemon car. 

Does Your Vehicle Qualify for a Lemon Law Claim?

If you are stuck with a defective vehicle, you can meet the dealership to make the necessary repairs. And the manufacturers have up to four attempts to fix the issue before you can take it up with the authorities to seek compensation. The law differs according to different regions. And in California, you will need to give the manufacturer a reasonable amount of attempts to rectify the problem for you, failure which you can seek legal action by partnering with a lemon law lawyer in California or whichever area you purchased the vehicle. 

Should you Carry out Repairs yourself?

It makes no sense that you have to spend money on repairs for a new vehicle that is still under the warranty period from the manufacturer. And as such, you want to get to the dealership where you purchased the vehicle to intimate them about the problem. If at all they are professionals, they should be quick to resolve the problem so you can be on your merry way. But if it happens that after several attempts to fix the vehicle, the problem persists, you can then seek legal action against the manufacturers or dealership. 

If you do spend on repairs yourself, you want to make sure you have all the receipts and documentation which will help you get compensation from the manufacturers. It is up to you to decide if you want to check in with a repairer after buying a new car that develops factory fault. And if you ask for professional advice, it is best to get in touch with the dealership that sold you the vehicle and get them to make the repairs at no cost to you. 

How to File a Lemon Law Claim?

How to File a Lemon Law Claim?

If you do get a lemon car and want to seek compensation from the vehicle makers, you surely want to know how to file a claim for Lemon Law in California or the region where you bought the vehicle. You will have to give the manufacturers several attempts to try and make repairs and ensure that you take action within the warranty period provided by the manufacturer. When you seek action after the warranty period, it could be challenging to get the right compensation in a law court. Still, you can find below tips to help you file a lemon law claim in California. 

Report All Problems ASAP

Once you notice that you have issues with your new vehicle, you want to endeavor to visit the dealership immediately and report the problem. Each visit to the dealership counts as an attempt to make repairs and as such, you want to make sure that you give them all the opportunities to make amends to the situation. You want to make sure they document each complaint and you take note of each visit and outcome so you have enough evidence for when you seek legal action.

Keep all Copies of Document 

You want to make sure that you have all the paperwork related to the vehicle purchase and each visit to the dealership or mechanics you use in trying to rectify the problem. You want to have video evidence of issues you are having with the vehicle and your attempts to rectify them with the manufacturers. This will surely be a good tool to use when you set out to invoke the lemon law claim. And it will also help your lawyer in presenting your case. 

Hire a Lemon Law Attorney 

So you have decided to take matters into your hands and go to court. You will need the right legal representation. And in this case, want to look for a lemon law lawyer with experience helping clients with your specific type of problem. With the right lemon law lawyer, you can present your case and be sure of getting compensation at the end of the day. 

It may not be best to go the mile alone, many dealerships and vehicle makers spend heavily on legal representation and as such will not sit back in a legal case. You want to be able to match them by having an experienced hand handle your case. You can find lawyers in your region that specialize in lemon law claims in your area. Get online and search for one or ask people close to you if they can recommend someone qualified to take up your case. This link has more on how to hire the right attorney. 

Final Note 

It isn’t right that you should end up with a lemon car after spending heavily at the dealership. And you surely want to know how to file a claim for lemon law in California or wherever you reside.