What Women Look for In a Man Physically

It’s inevitable that when we meet someone we’re going to give them a second look.  But have you ever wondered what girls are looking at when they meet a guy? If you’re like most guys, you have no clue what program or professional you can count on to give it to you straight. There is literally a chase that has ensued. Well, I’m here to tell you, there’s only one authority on all that there is to know about women. You just have to trust a female when it comes to dating advice for men.

It’s easy to see that what women look for in a man physically isn’t going to be the same for every single woman out there. 

It’s like the old saying goes, “Some like it hot, some like it cold.”

So, here’s the deal. We’re all trying to figure out the most important thing we need to know about what women are looking for in a man physically. I found out that there’s more to know about women than just what we think they would care about.

I’m sure you’re asking, where did you find this exceptional knowledge? Well, guys, I want to fill you in on the ultimate authority on dating advice for men. 

What Women Really Want in a Man 

What women prefer can vary so much and in completely different ways. There are girls who dig guys with long hair. However, there are also girls who have a thing for bald guys. 

Of course, blue-eyed guys may not realize that there are certainly quite a few females that are drawn to them. On the other hand, plenty of women have a thing for dark eyes.

Honestly, the possibilities are never-ending. But let’s look at this from another angle. We are just like our female counterparts. There isn’t going to be a set standard for the physical traits of a woman that every guy prefers either. 

So, what can we say about what all women want in a man physically?

I’m quite surprised by what I’ve learned from the most legit dating advice for men. And it’s the truth, without a doubt. My female coach has shown me that for the most part women are much more open-minded than we give them credit for. They are not going to shut you down because they say something in particular. 

It’s not a deal-breaker if you don’t have a beard or even happen to be in the best shape. 

Here’s the kicker: My dating coach told me this and it’s true. She said, “Most women aren’t ever going to tell you about it, but if you look at the types of guys she’s been with in the past, you’re going to see that physically they’re all very different. “

After thinking this through, I realized my dating coach was right. She also told me that women are way more interested in how a guy is going to make them feel, emotionally.  Physical attraction is just not as important to women. They want to experience a raw connection that you can’t depend on just how someone looks. And that, my dudes, is some pretty serious stuff. 

That’s why I had to tell every guy who needs a little help in understanding what women want that a female dating coach is the only answer you’ll ever need. 

This is Why You Need a Female Dating Coach

So, if you’re wondering why I feel like you need a female dating coach, the answer is simple. If you’re anything like me, then you’ve tried everything you can think of. I know I’ve asked my homeboys. I have even searched the world wide web for the answers and tips I need to know to impress the girl. And nothing. Nothing has provided me with the knowledge that my female dating coach has. 

She’s given me the best dating advice for men. I feel like my confidence has improved tremendously. After a month of learning through the only teacher you’ll ever need when it comes to women, I can tell you that I’ve been on many dates. I’m telling you my interactions with women on a daily basis have drastically changed. And it’s all thanks to my female dating coach. 

I want to spread the word that this is the secret weapon all of us guys have been looking for. I mean, c’mon, who better than a female to give you advice on females? They for sure hold the key to unlocking what women want, think, and desire. 

The Only Real Dating Advice for Men

Okay, so the last thing I’ll say about this whole experience is that you’re going to see the difference between this and any other approach you’ve tried in the dating world.

That’s because you’re going to know more about women than around 90% of guys out there. It’s going to give you the edge that it gives me.

What’s not to love when you gain more confidence, more dates, and more wins? 

It’s about damn time you get to feel what it’s like to have the same success with women as I do. Trust me when I say, your whole perspective is about to change bro. Get ready to finally know what women really want.

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Larry Alton is a blogger and passionate writer at Managerteams.com. She loves cooking and is fond of travelling.