What You Need to Know About Vegan Protein Powder

Many people among us believe that protein only comes from animal sources, although we get a good amount of protein from nuts, seeds, lentils, and some vegetables as well that are rich sources of protein.

If you are thinking to go vegan you can surely get your protein intake from plants.

Vegan protein powders are a good source of protein if you consume it daily. There are many vegan protein powders available in the market that are rich in amino acids. In this article, we are discussing different vegan protein powders available in the market.

People are shifting towards vegan protein powder even those people who are not at all vegan, only because of its health benefits such as; they are made from plant extracts, no artificial sugar is added in this only natural sugar, they are originally made from plant protein which is good for health and there are very minor chances of allergies so it’s good for sensitive people as well. Some of them are mixed protein powders derived from animal protein and plant protein mixture.

As an adult, we require about 55 to 56 grams of protein for men and about 46 to 47 grams for women in daily meal intake.

What vegan protein powder contains?

Vegan protein powders contain ingredients such as soy, pea, hemp, and brown rice, some companies also include monk fruits and other vegan nutrition for added benefits.

How can we consume vegan protein powder?

We can consume vegan protein powder in shakes, add some fruit and make a smoothie of it, it can be used with green leafy vegetables, and we can also use it with other recipes.

We can use the vegan protein powder in many ways; in the food, we eat and in the food, we make such as baking muffins or cakes. (To add natural sweetness in a recipe)

We can make great smoothies with vegan protein powder with strawberries and nuts.

Some vegan protein powders are

  • Soy protein powder
  • Hemp protein powder
  • Brown rice protein powder
  • Pea protein powder
  • Egg protein powder
  • Whey protein
  • Mixed protein powder
  • Sunflower protein powder

Soy protein powder:

Let’s discuss the benefits of soy protein powder, it contains nine essential amino acids that look quite similar to animal protein. Soy protein comes from soya beans, it’s said that soy protein is good for health especially your heart, it can reduce bad cholesterol and help you gain good cholesterol. It’s a good source for vegan people who are not consuming animal-based protein. If you consume a soy protein shake or milk after exercise it can help you heal the muscles.

Soy protein isolates are packed not only with protein but magnesium and vitamin b12 supply.

It’s suggested that soy protein also helps in maintaining the functioning of bones.  It is also good for those who are lactose allergic as it’s lactose-free and does not contain gluten. Soy protein isolate is also highly digestible.

   Hemp protein powder:

Hemp protein powder is derived from hemp seeds it’s rich in omega 3, omega 6 and contains all the essential amino acids but the quality of protein is not as good as other plant protein sources. It’s a good source of protein that comes from a plant. It’s a very good supplement before you hit the gym. It’s digestible and good for the stomach.

Brown rice protein powder:

Brown rice powder comes from brown rice, it has a high amount of vitamin b6 it’s not that pricey compared to other vegan sources. It helps in the growth of muscles after doing exercise. It’s 100 percent plant-based gluten-free product and it has a decreased level of carbohydrates. It’s good for digestion and also helps to reduce fatigue and tiredness.

Pea protein

It is said that green vegetables are very good for the health, so as peas powder also include proteins in most solubility form. They are excellent in making the muscles stronger. As it has a higher amount of vitamin K which not only helps your bones to stay strong but also helps to reduce the blood clotting and making your blood flow in a normal way.

Egg protein powder

The egg is considered to be one of the best sources of protein intake in our diet; egg powder consists of a high amount of amino acid in it. They are not only good to take before the exercise but are also beneficial for you if you take it after your workout, as they have very fewer carbohydrates and fats in it and can easily be digested by the body. Also, they are good for making your muscles bend.

Mix protein powder:

As there are multiple advantages of different vegetables, so does the mix protein powder. This mix protein powder consists of different vegetable powders that have various benefits for the body, as the purpose of this powder is to provide various nutrients in one powder they should add up in your daily routine which will not only make you feel healthy but are also beneficial for the muscles. These mix powders have a combination of different ingredients that have a healthy effect on our body, they include flaxseeds which are beneficial for blood pressure as well.

Sunflower protein:

Sunflower protein is considered to be the best protein intake for vegans as they are taken from isolated seeds of sunflower, it has greater advantages kept in it that are essential for our body. Although it is good for protein intake it also has low amino acid as compared to other seeds available. To make the best combination for our body this includes higher protein.

Sunflower seeds powders are combined with the quinoa protein power which will balance the amino acid lysine in our body. Moreover, sunflower seeds powders are very good for the muscles as it not only makes your muscles grow but also helps our muscles to repair easily and in lesser time. They are healthy for the body as only half a cup of sunflower seeds powder consists of 91 calories.


In this article, we have discussed different types of vegan protein powders which are taken especially by vegan people to fulfill the protein requirements of our body. These powders are also taken by people who are sensitive to allergies and who want to avoid meat-based proteins. The majority of vegan proteins are extracted from plants. Some of them are mixed protein which carries a small amount of animal protein and plant protein. Those people who are into working out can take these vegan powder proteins for their muscle growth and muscle repair.

Proteins are an essential component filled with amino acids. Soy among them is one of that vegan protein that carries the same amino acid structure as animal protein amino.