Thursday, September 29 , 2022

What you Should do to Help your Fellow Citizen

Helping others is an indefinitely great thing. You can help your fellows beings through a number of skills.  You can join various NGOs or volunteer teams. 

you can spend some time in old age homes, or you can go volunteer as a nurse. In USA many people from different walk of life are joining this mobile service also known as DC mobile notary or 1-9  employment verifications.l It can help you in solving problems related to immigration, travel and student visas. In this article I have summed up some ways which you might think useless but can help your community in growing and prospering. 


If gardening is your hobby then you are already helping your world, this is the most affordable volunteer program you can join, you do not have to do it formally just make sure that you are planting some plants every season. 

this will not cost you much and you can easily spend your pocket money for this, I have specifically chosen it for students and children. It might sound very lame but in actual it is the need of the hour, climate change and global warming will be engulfing the entire world. 


Prefer Local Brand 


Many people think that buying international brands is something lavish, this is a myth. The international brands are usually expensive because of the custom duty your government puts on it. 

This will effect your countries economic growth, in Germany Angela Markel imposed this policy on all and sundry they were bound to buy local brands for supporting the local companies and growth.  


Attend Local Event 


Generally in local events there are many local artists with their hand made crafts. Your presence will boost their confidence and encourage them. they will create more products and thus the local home industry will be economically a strong commodity.

Moreover, it will also give a hike to the culture and traditions. This will keep your country’s integrity safe and progressive. 

Vote and Participate 

Never ever skip the voting sessions. On any platform, when you are asked to tell your opinion you have to participate. Your vote can shape institutions. Your country’s democracy, economic systems and strategies for progress will be shaped by your choices and your vote. 

It is not only your right, but it is also your duty. Because after two or three days your decision will effect your children and generations. 


Pay the Taxes 


You should not cheat your government. You are supposed to be  a responsible citizen. You must not be a burden on your government. 

All the dues and taxes have to be paid on time, there can be a lot of issues which will be resolved if every person decides to pay their taxes. 

In many developing states corruption, vices and discrimination is because of lowered national income. The states are not able to function properly, under such circumstances. If you really want to help your fellow citizens. 


Appreciating your Elected Persons 


Your feedback is very important, you have to tell the elected members of your society’s union or assembly about their performance. you will think that your feedback would not do any thing but in reality it can be of much value for the elected person. 

He might not understand the ground reality but you can help him in understanding them, thus, you can act as an ambassador for the people. You will have to spare some time in observing the society and their issues.

Spread Happiness 

Sharing your clothes, food and some money. Can solve some problems of the people living near you, thus never stop sharing them.