Sunday, October 2 , 2022

What’s the point of religion?

What’s the point of religion

Inviting BBN community members to voice out your opinion. You are welcome to express how you see it based on your story. What is the point of a religion?

In the West most of us have grown up with some sort of religion. Getting dressed up for church or synagogue every weekend, sitting around in uncomfortable pews, and waiting until we could get out. So, what is the point of religion? The point of religion is to help us live a happier life. If we are not experiencing more happiness as we practice it, then it is probably a good sign that we are not practicing it correctly (given that it is a time tested spiritual tradition, most have been around for over 2000 years). However, there is quite a resistance for most people towards religion these days.

Maybe, we are misinformed about living a happier life, chasing down the next promotion at the job, trying to get the next cool handheld device, or find the perfect relationship. It’s important to think about, we never know how long the job will last, or when the device won’t power up, or when our family and friends will no longer be around. So, stop and take time to think about what really matters in your life. Find a practice, a spiritual tradition that helps you focus on the right values, and not on the values of a consumer based society.

We welcome you to share your thoughts and experiences of how religion has helped you live a happier more content life in the comments below.