When to give a diamond ring

The truth is that any time is the perfect time to give a diamond. The big question is are you  giving it as an engagement gift, an anniversary present, or perhaps a holiday gift? The answer is that anytime is a good time to give a diamond, for the traditional reasons. In addition anytime is a great time to give a diamond ring or any other type of diamond jewelry. 

Diamond rings are not just a girl’s best friend. Men love diamond rings also. In today’s ever changing world diamonds are for men and women and have been for a very long time. Yellow diamond rings are a sign of many things, one of the most important being love! A diamond ring has traditionally been for the man to give to the woman as an engagement ring. Why not give a diamond ring for any special occasion and or any time the mood sparks? There is no reason not to give a diamond. Diamonds are not only a sign of love they are also a sign of commitment. Diamonds are also a sign of wisdom in the beauty they exude, and a sign of any kind of true and unconditional love.  

Yellow diamond rings are a very special and precious jewel, they are also just simply gorgeous.  They are often times more expensive than standard diamonds, however in some cases they are less expensive. There are other colored diamonds that can be more expensive than a yellow diamond. Colored diamonds have increased in popularity and resale prices as standard colorless diamonds are less of a long term investment than the yellow diamond and or other color options. The trend has clearly been that yellow diamonds are more expensive than and hold value better than others. Yellow diamonds are created when there is more nitrogen in the stone. Other colors in diamonds are a result of imperfections that turn into purely beautiful bliss and dreamy colors. 

Diamonds come in many different shapes and sizes! The larger diamonds are the ones most wanted as it is a sign of wealth, happiness, love and dreams. Diamonds are fabulous. Let us begin to tell you about all the color options beyond the normal clearless diamond and the yellow diamond. They can come in white, pink, yellow, olive, red, grey, black, orange, green, blue, purple, and even brown. Those are just some of the options out there today in diamonds. As you can see in that list diamonds are available in so many different colors and shapes. The shape of a diamond is also an important part of the decision making process when giving one. Here are a few different shapes available; round, princess, pear, asscher, oval, heart, emerald, cushion, radiant, and marquise. The choices are almost endless as you can have a diamond custom cut as well.

I think the bigger decision on when to give a diamond may in fact become the smaller decision. Selecting the color, shape and setting is probably a bigger choice. Will it be a ring or perhaps a bracelet, and or necklace? That is as important as giving diamonds or not. If it is not an engagement ring then deciding on a simple ring with diamonds embedded in the ring may be a better choice. Maybe a set of luxurious diamond rings for the holidays is on your mind. Either you want them or want to give them. Bracelets are always a nice selection as well. So if you are thinking about giving diamonds then you most likely should go ahead and give dimaonds.