Where To Enjoy Some Warm Winter Sunshine

Where To Enjoy Some Warm Winter Sunshine

Where To Enjoy Some Warm Winter Sunshine

Freezing January is the perfect time to jet off to warmer climes, and with the prospect of getting a newly acquired tan standing out tenfold when you return to your anemic-looking friends, what’s not to like about a January holiday? 

But where will you go to get your share of winter sun? Here are a few tried and tested suggestions for holidays in January.

The African Islands 

One of the best islands to visit in Africa is the Canary Islands. No prizes for guessing these volcanic islands would be on the list, but it’s for a good reason they prove a hit year after year. For one thing, their proximity to Africa ensures they enjoy an enviable climate throughout the year. 

Couple this with the fact they’re just a few hours’ flight time away from the UK, and you have an unbeatable destination when it comes to convenience. Whether it’s scaling the heights of Teide in Tenerife (you can take a cable car to save your legs) or marveling at the alien landscapes of Lanzarote’s Mountain of Fire and the otherworldly Timanfaya National Park, you’re sure to find plenty of points of interest in these much-loved islands. 

Try the peaceful island of La Gomera for something a little more low-key with its mountains, forests, and rugged cliff faces dashed by the Atlantic swell. Windsurfing and kite surfing are a hit in Fuerteventura, too, for those who want to mix some adrenaline-pumping action with chilling out on their Canarian holiday.

Seychelles could also be a good place to go if you want to see a sunny tropical paradise with sparkling blue lagoons. The fauna and flora found on this island is super unique, as the mountains are covered in lush vegetation, while the landscape offers a breathtaking and multi-faceted panorama.

Seychelles is ideal for combining with a Big Five Kruger Safari. This African safari and beach combo offer the best of both worlds. From tracking the African Big Five in the world-famous Kruger National Park to exploring the endless pristine white beaches of Seychelles, there is something for everyone.

The Caribbean 

For sun-seekers who want to get away even farther afield, the Caribbean will leave you spellbound with its mesmerizing clear waters and paradisiacal white sands. 

There are an incredible 7,000 islands scattered throughout the Caribbean. Some of the most popular destinations include Jamaica, Barbados, and the exotic Cayman Islands.

Wintertime can see temperatures regularly reach the 90s, making the Caribbean is a perfect choice to enjoy some winter sun.

The Island of Aphrodite 

The famed island of Aphrodite enjoys a pleasant mid-60s around wintertime. Not sweltering hot by any means, but certainly an agreeable change from the sub-zero temperatures of the British Isles. January is out of season for parts of the island, but there are still plenty of places open in areas like Paphos, Limassol, and Larnaca. 

The winter is the perfect time to see the island in a more authentic Cypriot fashion than you would during the height of summer. With the magnificent Troodos Mountains and Akamas Peninsula, there are plenty of sights for nature lovers to discover that are devoid of the crowds.

The Smiling Coast 

The Smiling Coast, otherwise known as the Gambia, makes an ideal winter getaway with its miles of sandy beaches and temperatures effortlessly reaching the 90s. 

You’ll find the locals a friendly bunch, which can be a culture shock at first. Granted, some who offer to point out the best local restaurant might want a small tip for doing so, but don’t think they’re all simply after something. 

Friendliness is a way of life for Gambians. Lush forests and wildlife are other key features of the Gambian experience that you can enjoy during wintertime.

Winter Sun in Thailand 

Thailand is always a dead cert when it comes to a bit of winter sun. Slow-paced fishing villages are always a pleasure to visit, and the gentle manner and refreshing humility of the natives provide sunshine all of its own. 

The tranquil waters are heated to perfection, just inviting you to take a swim, and the Thai curry is out of this world. Well-recommended during the UK’s wintertime is the sunny Andaman coast with its sun-drenched beaches gently lapped by warm waters.

You can’t go wrong with these tried and tested destinations for a bit of guaranteed winter sun.