Where to Find a Decent Thai Restaurant in Patong, Phuket

Phuket is one of the most famous and popular beach destinations in all of Asia; travelers fly in from all around the world to lie on its beaches, frolic in its waters and enjoy its vibrant nightlife scene. Among all the beaches in Phuket, Patong is by far the largest and busiest. You can find any and everything here, with perhaps the only difficulty arising when you want to locate a decent Thai restaurant in Patong, Phuket.

The dining possibilities in Patong are genuinely endless, like the people who visit the seaside town, the local restaurant scene covers every imaginable continent. But what if you’re craving good old Thai food, where do you go? Most restaurants along Patong Beach are tourist traps that serve up mediocre, unauthentic and expensive local dishes. Indeed, finding palatable and wallet-friendly local food is probably the hardest cuisine of all to satisfy. So, let us help you with our short top five list of where to find decent Thai food in Patong.

No.6 Restaurant

A beloved local eatery, No. 6 Restaurant serves decent Thai food at reasonable prices in the heart of Patong. Pad Thai starts from just THB 70; with nothing else on the menu exceeding THB 150. No. 6 Restaurant’s original outlet is within easy reach of Jungceylon Shopping Mall in downtown Patong. And for those wanting a small sojourn, they also have newer digs just 10-minutes way on a hill to the north (with free shuttle).

Pan Yaah Restaurant

This restaurant, set above large granite rocks with the surf breaking below, has one of the best views of Patong Bay. Located in Kalim, about a short ride north of Patong, it has been established for many years and continues to serve an array of dishes that are both pleasing to the wallet and belly. It makes for an ideal sunset dinner location, particularly for a special occasion, like a romantic anniversary.

Briley Chicken & Rice

Briley does one thing only and does it so damn well that it’s enough to satisfy its legion of repeat customers. People come here in droves to eat their delicious Khao Man Gai (boiled chicken and rice). In a way, this humble one-plate dish is akin to fish and chips in the West; it’s comfort food for Thais. This tasty and satisfying staple is so well prepared here that both Thais and tourists alike gladly line up for a plate or two!

Kaab Gluay Restaurant

Although the modern, western look can confuse patrons, this place offers up some of the best, genuinely Thai cuisine in town; far more so than the typical Thai-style, aka tourist trap, eateries in the main area. A seafood-heavy menu includes all the classics: curry crab, grilled sea bass, steamed prawns, etc. Its local popularity gives the place a welcoming, boisterous and friendly atmosphere at any time of day or night.

Sea Hag Restaurant

As you might have guessed from the name, this hugely popular eatery specializes in seafood. It is situated along Soi Wattana, not far from the Beach. Prices here are dearer than others in the area, but the quality of the food and service is worth the extra cost. Some of the dishes worth trying are the mixed seafood platter, prawns with yellow curry, steamed lemon fish with rice and huge tiger prawns with dipping sauces.