Where to Shop Women’s Shapewear Clothing in Thailand

When it comes to buying quality women’s shapewear clothing in Thailand, you have three main options. You can visit your local department store and peruse a variety of brands in one convenient place. You can go to a stand-alone store and try on different styles by the same maker. Or you can join the legion of busy professionals who prefer to browse and shop online at their leisure.

No matter which method you choose; you’re going to be swamped by choice. From low-end to big-budget brands, all of them are fiercely competing to catch your attention. Of course, not all styles and fabrics are created equal, and some will suit an Asian physique better than others. Your job is to filter through the clutter and find the best possible fit and feel for your needs.

To help you choose between these three methods, we’ll list out below some of the big names in the shapewear business below and let you decide for yourself.

Of course, if none of these options sounds appealing to you and/or you want to save a buck, there are plenty of street stalls and markets (i.e., Chatuchak Weekend Market) where you can also find underwear, but we can’t attest to their quality and often times they won’t be at the same spot all the time.

Department Stores

If Bangkok does one thing well, it’s shopping malls. Nearly every major street now houses one of these sparkling shopping Meccas. Many of them will have their department stores, wherein you will find a plethora of shapewear brands by both local and international brands. The beauty of shopping in one of those places is that you can ask questions and get professionally fitted.

Some of the best malls are as follows:

  • Central Department Store (various outlets)
  • Robinsons (various outlets)
  • Tokyu Department Store (inside MBK)
  • Isetan (inside CentralWorld)
  • Paragon Department Store (inside Paragon)
  • Emporium Department Store (inside Emporium)
  • ZEN Department Store (inside CentralWorld)

Stand-alone Stores

With so many malls, markets and arcades dotted across the city; you don’t have to travel far to find an underwear store. Being the chic cosmopolitan city that it is, Bangkok is home to many big international brands, so if your tastes run to well-known favorites like Victoria’s Secret, you can be sure to find a store nearby. If you prefer something more local, no worries, the city is well-stocked with Asian brands too.

Below are our favorite stores:

  • Marks & Spencer (CentralWorld and Central Chidlom)
  • Uniqlo (various outlets)
  • Victoria’s Secret (various outlets)
  • Annebra (various outlets)
  • Wacoal (various outlets)
  • Triumph (various outlets)
  • BSC Lingerie (various outlets)
  • Sabina (various outlets)

Online Shops

For many reasons – price, range, convenience, quality – shopping online has become ubiquitous nowadays. So, if you’re strapped for time, hate fittings rooms (and lighting!) or shun scouring through underwear in public, don’t despair as there are many great online stores you can check out in Thailand. Just remember to keep the tags on and your original packaging/receipt so you can easily return anything that doesn’t fit quite right.

These are some of our go-to online sites:

  • Kyra Mode (kyramode.com)
  • Up & Under (upandunderbrad.com)
  • Zilingo (zilingo.com)
  • Lazada (lazada.co.th)
  • Shopee (shopee.co.th)
  • Looksi (looksi.com)
  • Pomelo (pomelofashoin.com)