Which Board Games to Play This Holiday Season?

Which Board Games to Play This Holiday Season?

With the holiday season quickly looming, what are your plans to make it special? Board games have always been one of the options to spice up a Christmas evening, but which one is it going to be? You can opt for long-time classics such as Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Taboo or Charades. 

Alternatively, with so many new releases to have hit the market, we think there are better, more engaging, interactive and fun board games for this Christmas. Some of the tabletop games that could be a good fit for this festive seasons are:


  •      Monopoly:


With all the family members and friends at home enjoying the Christmas cake and tree, monopoly is the best choice for the evening or maybe after the huge dinner. The game needs two or more players and provides exciting twists and turns during the game.

Thus, this has proven to be the best classic game common with a huge gathering and a feast. With all those features of the game, you can hold on to an entertaining evening for your guests.

2)      Mr. Jack:

Mr. Jack is a two-player board game. This game is majorly for teens to adults. Because the game is a detective based game, revolving around the episodes of the famous Sherlock Holmes.

According to the game, you’ll have to narrow down the number of suspects from the list just in eight turns while on the other hand, the criminal will do all he or she can to fail the opponent. Any one of you can opt for this thrilling game.

3)      Scrabble:

Scrabble is a perfect game for the kids during this holiday. In the game, you’ll have to make new words with the help of another previous word formed. If you want to settle down a bunch of running, mischievous, and disturbing children, then Scrabble is one of those arresting games for them.

The kids get quite competitive to make new words with those blocks and thus become fully engaged, while you, grownups, can enjoy quite a peaceful and gentle evening.

4)      Ticket to ride:

This German-style board game is appropriate for almost all ages because not only is it easy and considerably simple but also helps you or your child to think out of the box yet at the same time it also requires some basic skills.

The game deals with the railway track along with train cards and so on. You have to basically reach the destination given for earning points. This is a power-packed game which you can play with your entire family during the holiday season.

5)      Pandemic:

Pandemic is more of like Forbidden Island. Since this is a teamwork or team game, the more you can pile up more the game becomes interesting. The game is like you are fighting against a special disease to save the people of the world.

You can get all of your teen friends together and play this enthralling game over or after your delicious Christmas or New Year dinner. This will be a fantastic way to end and start your year.

6)      7 Wonders Duel:

Do you have two kids in your house who are bored with the adult talks? Sit them down with this two-player game. The game constitutes of three ages and thus takes up to 45 minutes to end. It is such an engaging game that it will easily make the time to fly and before they actually realize.


These six board games are the top picks for the coming month. The best part of each and every one of them is that they are mobile and can be carried along anywhere. You may definitely have your own favorites, but then for who may find less interest or not know anything in this field, you can surely take the risk.