Saturday, October 1 , 2022

How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally


You might see this as oxymoron but the best way to whiten teeth is by using activated charcoal! This will even put professional teeth whitening and dentists to shame!

I know, I know it seems odd to use black powder to whiten teeth, but it really does work! The charcoal works to absorb the tannins, compounds found in coffee, tea, tobacco, herbal tea, wine, spices, and other foods. It also helps to lock in minerals like calcium in our teeth which is another good reason why it causes no harm to the tooth enamel, you can even use it every single day!

How to use it:

It is a very simple procedure. Carefully open one single capsule of activated charcoal and empty it into your mouth. Wrap the empty capsule up and put it into the trash. Use a toothbrush you will probably want to designate one just for this purpose. Brush the charcoal thoroughly into the teeth. Keep it on your teeth for around 10 minutes, spit it out, and rinse very well. Brush your teeth as usual. You should have shiny white teeth within a week.

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